Drinking Water
Water on tap: A consumerís guide to the nationís drinking water (EPA)
Drinking water and health: What you need to know (EPA)
Buying Home Water Treatment Equipment (WQ-6) (CES)
Sulfur Water Control (Rotten Egg Odor in Home Water Supplies) (WQ-11) (CES)
Distillation for Home Water Treatment (WQ-12) (CES)
Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon (WQ-13) (CES)
Reverse Osmosis for Home Treatment of Drinking Water (WQ-14) (CES)
Bacterial Contamination of Household Water (WQ-15) (CES)
Cryptosporidium: A Waterborne Pathogen (WQ-23) (CES)
Drinking Water Quality Reports: Your Right to Know (WQ-33) (CES)

E. coli and Indiana Lakes and Streams
Land Use & Water Quality

Farm Assessment Program
Field Assessment
Field Assessment for Water Resource Protection (pdf format)
On-Farm Soil Monitoring for Water Resource Protection (pdf format)

Livestock Assessment
Pasture Assessment (pdf format)
Livestock Confinement Assessment (pdf format)
Silage fact sheet risk assessment
Milkcenter waste water treatment fact sheet risk assessment

Materials Storage & Handling
Introduction Quick Check (pdf)
Fertilizer fact sheet risk assessment
Fuel fact sheet risk assessment
Pesticides fact sheet risk assessment
Hazardous waste management fact sheet risk assessment

Drinking Water Well & Septic System
Introduction Quick Check (pdf)
Drinking water well fact sheet risk assessment
Household waste water fact sheet risk assessment
Site evaluation

Home Assessment Program
Home Environment Quick Check
Healthy Homes Assessment English Spanish (exits Safewater Site)
Home*A*Syst: Environmental Assessment System (only available in hard copy by calling 1-888-EXT-INFO)

Management of Ponds, Wetlands, and Other Water Reservoirs to Minimize Mosquitoes (pdf)
Aquatic Plant Management (pdf)
Barley Straw for Algae Control (pdf)
Control of Duckweed and Watermeal (pdf)
Fact Sheet on Toxic Blue-green Algae (pdf)
Aquatic herbicides approved for use in Indiana (Excel file)

Watershed Protection
Watershed Connections Series
Allen County
Boone County
Clinton County
Pike County
Porter County
Warren County

Wellhead Protection
Forming the Wellhead Protection Planning Team
Choosing a Consultant to Delineate the Wellhead Protection Area
A Shortcut to Wellhead Protection Delineation for Some Systems
Management Options for Wellhead Protection (pdf)
Effective Wellhead Protection Through Education (pdf)


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