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The Safe Water for Kids! Activities have been designed as a tool for teachers, educators and water company operators to use so that they may more clearly show the balance between our activities and the environment. Each activity can be used to further clarify specific issues and explore hypothetical situations. 

 These activities can be used indoors, in a classroom setting, or outdoors. Because the activities are hands-on they are able to clearly illustrate the topic at hand. They are "attention getters" and will keep students interested. The activities are listed below, each with a brief summary. All activities are available in a printer friendly format.

How Does Water Move Through the Earth? 
To demonstrate the presence and character of pore spaces in sediments and rocks.
Where Does Contamination Go?
To demonstrate conservation of mass, and contaminant movement. 
Is Dilution the Solution to Pollution? 
To show the effect of dilution on certain contaminants. 
Down the Drain and into the Yard
To demonstrate how a private septic system works, ways it can be damaged and how it should be maintained. 
Aquifer in a Pan
To demonstrate some aspects of the interactions between ground water and surface water. To provide a visual tool to show how water is stored in an aquifer, and how drinking water can become contaminated by human activities that occur near the earth’s surface
<>For more information contact Jane Frankenberger (frankenb@purdue.edu)
or Brent Ladd (laddb@purdue.edu)
or call the Purdue Extension Safe Water office at 765-496-6331

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