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Graduate Student

Kenny Chandra Wijaya
Graduate Research Assistant - CE

Kenny is a Ph.D. student specializing in Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering at the Lyles School of Engineering. He was raised and born at Tarakan, North Borneo, Indonesia and he is also the first individual in his family to pursue graduate studies. In 2020, he earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology in West Java, Indonesia. His deep passion for transportation led him to intern at LRT Jabodebek and MRT Jakarta; additionally, he worked on the Transportation Design Aspect of the Joyoboyo Interchange Station as his undergraduate final project. In 2022, he completed his master's degree in civil engineering with a focus on transportation at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. His master's thesis was titled "Electric Vehicle Morning-Evening Commute Departure Time and Charging Opportunities Choice Equilibrium Model." Early in 2023, he joined the Mobility System Joint Research Chair at Osaka University in Osaka, Japan, as a research fellow, working on post-disaster recovery strategies research, with a particular emphasis on equity issues, as he prepares to enter the STSRG Lab in Fall 2023. Kenny's research interests encompass traveler behavior, transportation economics, and transportation equity. Outside of his academic pursuits, he enjoys watching various competitive sports, including soccer (a devoted Manchester United fan), badminton, and volleyball (Japan national volleyball team fan). He also has a passion for movies, series, anime (a diehard One Piece fan), and weightlifting.