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Graduate Student

Ricardo Chahine
Graduate Research Assistant - CE

Ricardo is a Ph.D. candidate studying transportation engineering born in Ebrine, Batroun, Lebanon.   He completed his bachelor's degree in civil engineering at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in May 2019, fully funded by the University Scholarship Program.  As an undergraduate student, he pursued research focusing on traffic safety and human factors, and was responsible for designing a simulator environment to assess the influence of cellphone use on driver performance.  In 2020, he obtained his master's in civil engineering from LAU with the thesis "Analysis of the Lebanese Driver's Behavior at the Onset of Yellow Lights."  He was an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter at LAU.  He joined the Sustainable Transportation Systems Research Group in August 2020.  His research interests include traffic safety, environment and sustainability, and innovative technologies. 

Aside from his engineering studies, Ricardo enjoys reading and playing sports.  He's an avid tennis and soccer fan, is fascinated by nature and music, and was a choir member.

Current Projects:

  • Assessing the Travel Demand and Mobility Impacts of Disruptive Transportation Technologies in Indiana
  • Design of Novel Reconfigurable Interiors for AVs to Meet the Needs of Older Occupants