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Prospective Students

Photo of Rhoann Kerh receiving Global Good Award

PhD Applicants

We are looking for people who have good training in statistics, modeling, optimization, and/or computer programming skills. A general knowledge in human factors, psychology, social behaviors or economics is a plus.

I recognize each student has different strengths and finding a good match on the research topic could be a good research question.  I am an engineer and a problem solver so we (SOS Lab) embark on research questions that have values to stakeholders for translation of evidence to practice or policies.  I am looking for bright, creative, highly motivated PhD students who have interest in complex systems or operations’ design, monitoring, and evaluation to work with me in health care, humanitarian response, global development, and other emerging areas.

If you are interested in working in the SOS Lab, please email me at Include a resume or CV, a list of your publications, a statement of purpose and your contact information including an email address.

- Dr. Yuehwern Yih

Visiting Scholar Applicants

Visiting scholars (with external funding) who are interested in the research areas of the SOS Lab should contact Dr. Yih

Postdoc Applicants

Highly-motivated postdocs should apply. Note that paid postdoc positions are very competitive. If the research in the SOS  Lab interests you, please contact Dr. Yih directly with your resume, including the contact information of at least two references (one being your PhD advisor), plus a brief research statement of your accomplishments and what you would like to work on in the next two years as a postdoc.

Undergraduate Research Applicants

Highly-motivated undergraduate students are welcome if already admitted to Purdue University. To apply, please email Dr. Yih.