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Jason Li, Undergraduate Researcher

E+TRA Health

Photo of E+TRA Health training in DominicaI am working with PhD Student Dawei Wang on part of the E+TRA Health project that will contribute to the technical side of "Demand Sensing and Digital Tracking for Maternal and Child Health in Uganda"

Motivation: Hospitals in Uganda currently need to fill out various forms, reports, and orders by hand, which is not only extremely time consuming and inefficient, but can also lead to errors and inconsistencies. Tasks that could easily be handled in seconds by an electronic supply chain system, such as counting the number of patients in a month or reporting the number of births instead take several hours of combing through paper records. More thorough explanations can be found on Rhoann Kerh's page.

Description: E+TRA Health is being developed in order to fill the role of the electronic supply chain system in order to streamline reporting and ordering for Ugandan hospitals. Patient information will be entered onto forms displayed on Android tablets, which will then be stored on a SQL database. Once the database is filled, one will have access to various tools for data reporting, data mining, data analytics, and to auto-generate completed forms. This will not only greatly reduce overhead required to complete the forms by hand, but will also open up opportunity to find insightful patterns and trends to potentially save lives.