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Jennifer Reagin, PhD Student

Care Transition in Indiana Long-Term Care Facilities

Motivation: Background - Indiana ranked last among all states from a recent AARP Long Term Services & Support Scorecard.  Problem Statement is still being developed & will continue to be refined as we gather more information from the long term care facilities we partner with. The statement will have something to do with high hospital readmissions in the long term care facilities. 

Description: We are currently using Data Envelopment Analysis to create heatmaps to locate the areas of the state with the highest concentration of hospital readmissions. These maps will aid in the selection of two facilities to partner with. From there, we will work to understand the current state of long term care and then develop solutions to reduce hospital readmissions and improve the quality of care for long term care patients. 

Collaborators: Dr. Paul Griffin, Dr. Yuehwern Yih