Our People

Principal Investigator

Dan Elliott has been on the faculty of Purdue University since 1984. His current appointment is a joint appointment, as Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Physics and Astronomy. While at Purdue, he has served as the ECE Graduate Coordinator (1998-2004), and the Director of Graduate Recruiting and Retention for the College of Engineering (2003-2005). In 1992-1993, he spent a sabbatical year at JILA, University of Colorado and NIST, working with the groups of Jan Hall and Steve Smith. Prior to joining the faculty at Purdue, he held post-doctoral research positions with Steve Smith at JILA, and with Herbert Walther at the University of Munich. He studied with John Ward at the University of Michigan, completing his PhD in 1981.

Graduate Students

Amy Damitz
Temporary Research Assistant- Temp Ser
Amy is a grad student in Physics. She works on the parity violation (PNC) measurements in the hyperfine ground states of Cesium.
BS, North Central College, 2015
MS, Purdue University, 2019
PhD, Purdue University, on going
Jonah Quirk
Graduate Research Assistant
Jonah is making progress towards a parity nonconservation measurement in atomic cesium.
BS, University of Southern Indiana, 2018
PhD, Purdue University, on going

Past Group Members

Graduate students

George Toh - PhD - Duke University, Christopher Monroe

Jungu (Joseph) Choi - PhD - Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology in Boulder, CO

Ian Stevenson - PhD - Columbia, Sebastian Will

John Lorenz - PhD - The Phased Array Company

Adeel Altaf - PhD - Intel

Sourav Dutta - PhD - Raman Institute (collaborator)

Dionysios Antypas - PhD - Research Scientist, Budker Group, Mainz University

Arthur Mills - PhD - Research Assistant,  University of British Columbia

Rekishu Yamazaki - PhD - University of Tokyo

Mevan Gunawardena - PhD - University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka

Undergraduate students

Alex Moore - BS - Purdue PhD, Weiner Lab

Eric Putney - REU - PhD program at Rutgers 

Jonah Quirk - REU - Purdue PhD

Nathan Glotzbach - BS - Epic Systems

Andrew Burgess - in the BS program at Purdue

Nathan Chalus - REU - PhD program at U Notre Dame in the fall

Liam Sherman - REU - BS at IU - next Stanford

Aidan Jacobbsen - REU