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Senior Members


Guillermo Paniagua

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Guillermo enjoys reading biographies, contact with nature, trekking, cycling or skying, followed by good meals.


James Braun

Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

James snowboards the mountains in the winter, enjoys sunny countries in summer and likes cooking.


Iman Rahbari

Research Scientist

Iman likes traveling, hanging out with friends, and tasting new cuisines. He also enjoys listening to music and singing along.


Lukas Inhestern

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Lukas likes to have coffee and cake preferably sitting outside in the sun. He also enjoys doing sports like badminton.


Swapnil Ingale

Senior Turbine Test Assistant

Swapnil loves to read web novels, play volleyball, cook food and hang out with friends

Graduate Students


Papa Aye (Nyansafo) Aye-Addo

PhD Student of Aerospace Engineering

Nyansafo enjoys playing percussion instruments and piano. He also likes dancing, potlucks and playing basketball.


Lakshya Bhatnagar

PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering

Lakshya likes sci fi ,travelling and eating. On a break you can find him hiking, running or cooking.


Logan Tuite

PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering

Logan enjoys scuba diving, rock climbing, and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.


Michael Butzen

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Michael enjoys cooking and eating new foods, hiking, ice fishing, paintball, and game nights with family and friends.


Francisco Lozano

PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering

Francisco enjoys reading, listening to music, traveling, learning new languages and cycling.


Santiago Salinas

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Santiago enjoys learning about mechanical watches, traveling to new places and trying new food.


Aubrey McKelvy

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Aubrey likes to ride motorcycles when it’s not snowing, ski when it is snowing, and play piano.


Syed Shoiab

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Shoiab likes listening music and watching movies. Also enjoys playing football and chess and hanging out with friends


Nick Long

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Nick likes to spend time with his friends and family while traveling, enjoying a good meal, or playing board games


Antonio Castillo Sauca

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Antonio is an enthusiast of ski touring, hiking, and climbing. He enjoys admiring the scenery from mountain summits.


Hunter Nowak

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Hunter enjoys rock climbing, playing bass guitar, going on road trips, watching sports, and playing board games with friends.


Matthew Nichols

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Matthew enjoys backpacking, cooking new foods, solving problems with programming and listening to music.


Dayna Obenauf

PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering

Dayna likes baking, hiking, and wine tasting with friends. She also loves to learn new languages and travel.


Antoni Rebassa

MS Student of Aerospace Engineering

Toni likes swimming, spearfishing, and windsurfing on the sea. He enjoys good food, racquet sports and running.


John Paulson

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

John enjoys reading, running, visiting National Parks, and spending time with his daughter.


James Twaddle

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

James enjoys hiking, classic 60's and blues, playing guitar, talking about philosophy, and watching good (or especially bad) movies with friends.


Robert Bebe Wang

PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering

Bebe likes to swim, listen to music, and cook as well. In his downtime, he'll usually be watching TV or listening to music and relaxing.


Roberto Nares

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Roberto enjoys reading novels, mostly classics, as well as philosophy and history books. He also likes running and trekking


Gene Bryan

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Gene likes playing intramurals, 3D printing, working on projects of his own, reading, and above all, sleeping.

Nate Kiefer

MS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Researchers


Luiz Eduardo Leite Filho

BS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Luiz enjoys playing soccer, watching sports, travelling to new places and learning new languages.


Tim Miller

BS Student of Mechanical Engineering

I play intramural soccer, I like to cook and travel, and enjoy building/working on computers.

William Owens

BS Student of Mechanical Engineering

Past Members

Valeria Andreoli

PhD 2019, Postdoc 2020

"Cooled turbine tip design: Aerothermal optimization for engine transients"

Jorge Saavedra

PhD 2018, Postdoc 2020

"Determining the dynamic scales of the boundary layer and flow separation inception: Analysis towards efficient flow control"

Zhe Liu

PhD 2019

"Characterization of axial turbines for pressure gain combustion"

Paht Juangphanich

PhD 2019

"Bio-inspired optimization of a turbine stage"

Jordan Fisher

PhD 2020

"Optical Techniques in High-speed reacting and non-reacting flows"

David Gonzalez Cuadrado

PhD 2018, Senior Research Administrator 2020

" 3D Inverse Heat Transfer Methodologies for Microelectronic and Gas Turbine Applications"

Jorge Sousa

PhD 2016, Postdoc 2016

"Supersonic turbine design"

Cis De Maesschalck

PhD 2016, Postdoc 2016

"Design, Analysis, Optimization and Control of Rotor Tip Flows"

Daniel Inman

MS 2020

"Particle Image Velocimetry in a High Pressure Turbine stage at aerodynamically engine representative conditions"

Shawn Willette

MS 2019

"On the design of a fast opening valve for rapid release of a pressure differential within Ludwieg Tubes"

Udit Vyas

MS 2019

"Aerodynamic optimization of compact engine intakes for high subsonic speed turbofan applications"

Shengqi Lu

MS 2018

"Development of high frequency virtual thermocouples"

Jose David Ramirez

MS 2020

Siddhant Joshi

MS 2020

Nathan Humbert

MS 2019

Val Joiner

MS 2019

Ryan Bohr

MS 2020

Hongyi Shao

MS 2018

Naga Tejadeep Kalipi

MS 2018

Yutao Zheng

MS 2016

Pablo Gasco

MS 2021

Raunaq Kumaran

MS 2021

Past Undergraduate Members

Martin Degener

(Fall, Spring 2019)

Asato Reese

(Spring 2019)

Nicholas Schmidt

(Fall 2019)

Leonardo Facchini

(Spring 2019)

Yuhan Roh

(Spring, Summer, Fall 2018)

Austin Barrow

(Fall 2020)

Miquel Perez Nebot

(Spring 2021)

Diego Martinez

(Fall 2017, Spring 2018)

Clement Villegas

(Spring, Fall 2018)

Kiran Prabakar

(Spring 2018)

Eric Schweitzer

(Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Patrick Krane

(Spring 2017)

Scott Giammatteo

(Fall 2020)

Alec Vuckso

(Spring 2021)

Robert Meyer

(Summer, Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Tanvi Sawant

(Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Matthew Hersey

(Summer, Fall 2016)

Andres Porro Carvalhar

(Spring, Fall 2016)

Vinicius Mapelli

(Summer 2015)

Jack Atkinson

(Fall 2020)

Jack Boes

(Summer 2015)

Hugo Lui

(Summer 2015)

Andre Oliveira

(Summer 2015)

Sudeep Sai

(Summer 2015)

Ivanka Carbajal

(Fall 2020)

James Twaddle

(Fall 2020)

Visiting Scholars

Ruth Herrero

Pol. University of Cartagena
(05/01/2016 – 08/01/2016)

Juan Pedro Solano

Pol. University of Cartagena
(05/01/2016 – 08/01/2016)

Yingzhu Wang

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (3/25/2019 – 6/29/2019)

Alejandro Martinez Cava

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (9/3/2018 – 11/9/2018)

Lukas Inhestern

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (6/1/2018 – 9/30/2018)

Ivan Padilla

von Karman Institute
(1/13/2018 – 04/05/2018)