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Welcome to PETAL

The Purdue Experimental Turbine Aerothermal Lab (PETAL) team investigates the aerodynamic and heat transfer of small core turbines, specifically high speed (compressible) turbulent internal flows. The team combines experimental and computational tools to advance in turbomachinery, intakes, diffusers, nozzles, heat exchangers. The lab develops turbine technology for gas turbines, hybrid thermo-electrical engines, new combustion cycles, nuclear reactors. The laboratory is located in the Zucrow Laboratories, in collaboration with the team of Prof. Meyer we offer high-frequency laser diagnostic capabilities. This webpage provides a basic overview of the ongoing activities.


The PETAL team research objectives span from maturity to innovation, covering both fundamental research focused on the essential physical mechanism as well as applied research. In all areas we integrate experimental and computational tools with a detailed uncertainty quantification.