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Engineering Faculty Documents (EFDs) are the formal process by which engineering faculty approve all academic policy and curricular changes. EFDs reviewed during the current academic year are linked in the following table. The Status column shows each document's stage in the approval process.

Documents needing immediate faculty attention show an in faculty review status and their Action Deadline. Such EFDs open with an integral form that may be used to "flag" it for special processing, i.e. forestall approval by the normal review process and instead divert that EFD onto the action agenda of the next engineering faculty meeting.

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EFD #  / Status School  Course #  Course Title  Reason  Action Date  User Options 
In Faculty Review
EEE 49800 Environmental and Ecological Engineering Projects new undergraduate course 2-16-2015 View history View comments Comments Only Flag the Document
On ECC Agenda
ENE Change in FYE Requirements update to EFD 35-14 10-9-2014 View history View comments
On ECC Agenda
ENE 50500 Theories of Development and Engineering Thinking New Graduate course 4-19-2013 View history View comments
On ECC Agenda
ENE 51100 Effective Teaching in Engineering: Linking Theory and Practice New Graduate Course 2-1-2013 View history View comments
In Originating School
MSE 55900 Phase Equilibria in Multicomponent Systems Course Change View history View comments
In Originating School
ENE 39699 Professional Practice Internship New Course View history View comments
In Originating School
ENE 38199, 38299, 38399 Professional Practice 3-Session Co-Op I, II, II New Course View history View comments
In Originating School
ENE 29199, 29299, 39399, 39499, 39599 Professional Practice 5 Session Co-Op I, II, III, IV, V New Course View history View comments
In Originating School
ME 558 Integrated Circuit/MEMS Fabrication Laboratory Cross listing of course for a permanent course number View history View comments
In Originating School
ME 527/BME 581 Fundamentals of MEMS and Micro-Integrated Systems Cross list course with ECE/BME with a permanent course number View history View comments
In Originating School
CE 55400 Aquatic Chemistry in Environmental Engineering Course Changes View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 692 Introduction to Graduate Research New Graduate Level Course View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 633 Modeling and Simulation of Power System Components Changes in Terms Offered, Class Setup, Prerequisite, Description and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 625 Advanced Analysis of Electromechanical Systems Changes in Title, Terms Offered, Prerequisite, Description, Text and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 513 Diffraction, Fourier Optics, and Imaging Changes in Terms Offered, Description, Text and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 666 Parallel Computer Architecture Changes in Title, Prerequisite, Description, and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 556 Fundamentals Of Microelectronics Processing (VLSI) Changes in Course Description, Text, and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 526 Fundamental of BioMEMS and Micro-Integrated Systems Changes in Course Title, Prerequisites, Course Description and Content View history View comments
In Originating School
ECE 659 Quantum Transport Changes in Title, Prerequisite, Description and Text View history View comments