Yu-Chung Lin

Yu-Chung LinDepartment: Civil Engineering

Title: Ph.D. Candidate

Research description: Facilitate Raman Spectroscopy toward in-situ sensing

Research highlights:

  • Design and development of customized Raman spectroscopic systems
  • LabVIEW programming for instrumentation controls
  • Optimization of a data acquisition system
  • Investigation of optical spectroscopic system transfer functions
  • Exploration of Raman applications in geoenvironmental sensing
  • Development of novel photon-counting algorithms
  • Programming and synthesizing signal processing models

Keywords: Raman spectroscopy, photon counting, fiber optic, remote sensing,


Yu-Chung is a doctoral candidate at Purdue Civil Engineering Spectroscopy Laboratory. He received his B.S and M.S in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University. His research focuses on the facilitation of Raman spectroscopy for long-term, cost-effective in-situ monitoring. Yu-Chung's research includes the areas of optical system optimization, photon-counting algorithm advancement, fiber-optics application innovation, instrumentation software development, and signal processing models exploration.

Yu-Chung is especially interested in the nitrate fate in an aqueous environment and underground soil matrix. He also participated in a project with ExxonMobil and used the Raman technique to evaluate heavy hydrocarbon chemicals. His research, mainly the novel photon-counting algorithm and fiber-optics application, could bring advances that target deploying Raman spectroscopy for long-term in-situ monitoring.

As a creative problem solver, Yu-Chung can identify complex issues and deliver meaningful solutions by utilizing best practices and technical tools. He also devoted himself as a teaching assistant. He was awarded for the achievement of guiding and supporting students, including two Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching Awards and one Purdue University Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award. He enjoys photography, LEGO, plane spotting, culinary activities, and train diorama and plastic kit modeling in his spare time.