Innovation broadly interpreted as a generalization of design, design thinking, and creativity


Innovation explored as the rigorous study of the mindsets, behaviors, attributes, tools, and methods employed in the innovative activity of individuals and organizations, rooted in an understanding of the cause-effect mechanisms that drive success by transforming ideas through "making" to impact.

Purdue Innovation and Leadership Studies Program

Engages team of graduate students exploring research questions in the area of innovation science to develop a more robust understanding of the innovative behaviors, mindsets, and methods of individuals and organizations.

Minor in Innovation and Transformational Change

  • Open to all students
  • 18 credit hours
  • Teaches world-class techniques to approach complex socio-technical challenges
  • Flexible plan of study drawing from nearly 90 course options in 6 areas:
    • Fundamentals of innovation
    • Holistic design
    • Motivating change
    • Achieving financial sustainability
    • Understanding grand challenges
    • Breakthrough thinking

Purdue IMPACT student organization


Impact Team:

(Innovation Methods for Purdue Advanced Collaboration Team)

  • Group of active undergraduates who are passionate about innovation science and actively work in complex challenges.
  • Team works with non-profit partners to address real-world challenges and gain in-depth experiential learning opportunities.
  • The team has worked extensively with CommonWealth Kitchen in Boston and is now helping on our USAID work in East Africa.
  • The group’s work is integrated directly into our graduate team and capstone course for the Minor in Innovation and Transformational Change.