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Submittal Process

Authors wishing to submit a conference paper may do so by using the MS Word template (link below), that contains detailed formatting instructions.

Conference papers are to be submitted via the EasyChair ISEA 2022 Call for Papers portal: (Authors: please note an EasyChair account is required to submit a conference paper.  Instructions for creating an account and submitting a conference paper are available here:

Conference paper template (required, contains formatting instructions): MS Word document link

Submittal deadline: 4 September 2021

Submission portal closes: 31 October 2021

Conference paper approval notification: 5 November 2021

Resubmittal deadline (if applicable to address review comments): 17 December 2021

Final conference paper acceptance and invitations to submit to Sports Engineering Journal (for selected authors): 21 January 2022


Conference Paper Flowchart

Conference Paper Topics

The conference themes and crosscutting technologies chosen by the Engineering of Sport 14 conference Organizing Committee are shown below:

Crosscutting Technologies Overview

Digitally enhanced techniques: What new digital technologies are going to revolutionize the next generation of sports? As the sports world moves towards a more digital experience for both athlete and fan alike, we’re looking for technologies that address one or more of the following three themes: excitement, health, and integrity of sport. 

Equipment and apparel: What innovations in equipment and apparel are going to transform the future of sports? What role will sensors and technology play in the processing, properties, and performance of sports apparel and equipment?

E-sports and hybrid sports: We are entering a time where hybrid and e-sports are gaining popularity and acceptance as legitimate forms of competition. How will technology aid this shift and what will be needed to maintain the integrity of sport while maximizing excitement and health?

Competition format: What people expect out of the fan experience is shifting, including how the competitions themselves are designed. What new technology enabled competition models could be introduced to further engage the fan, especially those in the younger generations? For example, is nation versus nation what fans want to see, or would they rather see superstar versus superstar? What will be the factors that influence the future of competition formats?

Data science and security: As more and more data are collected, it’s imperative that it remains secure. What new information can be ascertained through data that’s already being collected and how can it be securely transferred to the appropriate group(s)? 

Coaching and education: Behind great athletes are great coaches who need advanced tools to train the next generation. What will those tools look like? And more than that, how can fans learn about sports they are not familiar with, and how can we ensure that the athletes, who give everything to their sport, have a chance at an education once their sports career is over? 


Sports Engineering Journal Submissions

Conference papers invited to submit a Technical Note or Research Paper to the Sports Engineering journal will need to follow the required submittal, review, and publication process. The journal webpage with the instructions for authors can be accessed here:

The journal submission portal can be accessed directly here: Editorial Manager®

Invited authors are encouraged to read the following editorial: Allen, T., Blocken, B., Drory, A. et al. How to write a manuscript for Sports Engineering. Sports Eng 23, 23 (2020).      

Sports Engineering journal paper submission deadline: 1 May 2022