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Exploratory and Novel Concepts

Spurious Current Suppression in VOF-CSF Simulation of Slug Flow through Small Channels
Transient Liquid Phase Sintering for Power Electronics
Performance of Finned Heat Exchangers and Heat Sinks After Air-Side Fouling and Cleaning
The Effect of Relative Humidity on Dropwise Condensation
Performance Comparison of Liquid-Loop Fluids for Electronics Cooling
Organic Rankine Cycle with Solution Circuit for Electronic Waste Heat Recovery System-Level Simulation of a Molten-Salt Thermocline Tank
Anti-Frosting and Anti-Icing Surfaces for Condenser-Side Performance Improvement
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Investigation of a Chemical Reaction-Based Miniature Heat Pump Optimization of Solar-Assisted Absorption Cooling Systems
Thermal Ratcheting Prevention of a Molten-Salt Thermocline
Alternative Heat Rejection Methods for Power Plants
Assessment of Alternative Waste Heat Recovery Opportunities
Laser-Induced Fluorescence Thermography Measurements of Flow Boiling Heat Transfer   Direct Cooling by Electron Field Emission  
Numerical Analysis of Mist-Cooled High Power Components in Cabinets
Acoustically Enhanced Heat Transfer
Rarefied Gas Flow in Microtubes
Rarefied Gas Visualization of Bridgman Growth in a Transparent Material

Discharge cycle in a thermocline tank
Discharge cycle in a thermocline tank

Cooling Technologies Research Center

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