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The followings are a collection of representive papers categoried by topics. Underlined names are students from our group. Please refer to my GoogleScholar for an updated list of publications.

Human-Autonomy Teaming

  • W. Jin, T. D. Murphey, Z. Lu, S. Mou. Learning from Human Directional Corrections. IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO), 2022.  [pdf]
  • W. Jin, T. D. Murphey, D. Kulic, N. Ezer, S. Mou. Learning from Sparse Demonstrations. IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) , 2022. [pdf]

Control for Learning

  • W. Jin, S. Mou, G. J. Pappas. Safe Pontryagin Differentiable Programming. Proceedings of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2021. [pdf]
  • W. Jin, Z. Wang, Z. Yang, S. Mou. Pontryagin Differentiable Programming: An End-to-End Learning and Control Framework. Proceedings of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2020. [pdf]
  • W. Jin, S. Mou. Distributed Inverse Optimal Control. Automatica, 129, 2021. [pdf]
  • W. Jin, D. Kulic, S. Mou, S. Hirche. Inverse Optimal Control from Incomplete Trajectory Observations. The International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), 1-18, 2021. [pdf]
  • W. Jin, D. Kulic, S. Mou, S. Hirche. Inverse Optimal Control for Multiple-Phase Cost Functions. IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO),  35(6), 1387-1398, 2019. [pdf]

Distributed Algorithms for Optimization and Computation

  • X. Wang, S. Mou, B. D. O. Anderson. Consensus-based Distributed Optimization Enhanced by Integral Feedback. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2022.
  • X. Wang, J. Zhou, S. Mou, Martin Corless. A Distributed Algorithm for Least Square Solutions of Linear Equations. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64 (10), 4217-4222, 2019
  • X. Wang, S. Mou, B. D. O. Anderson. Sacalable, Distributed Algorithms for Solving Linear Equations via Double-Layered Networks. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 65(3), 1132-1143, 2020.
  • J. Zhou, X. Wang, S. Mou, B. D. O. Anderson. Finite-Time Distributed Linear Equation Solver for Solutions with Minimum L1-Norm. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 65(4), 1691-1696, 2020.
  • X. Wang, S. Mou, S. Sundaram. A Resilient Convex Combination for Consensus-Based Distributed Algorithms. Numerical Algebra, Control, and Optimization, 9(3), 269-281, 2019.
  • S. Mou, Z. Lin, L. Wang, D. Fullmer, A. S. Morse.    A distributed algorithm for efficiently solving linear equations and its applications (Special Issue JCW).  Systems & Control Letters, 91, 21-27, 2016.
  • S. Mou, J. Liu, A. S. Morse.    A Distributed Algorithm for Solving a Linear Algebraic Equation.  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 60(11), 2863-2878, 2015.

Multi-Agent Formation Control

  • Z. Sun, S. Mou, B. D. O. Anderson, A. S. Morse. Rigid motions of 3-D undirected formations with mismatch between desired distances. IEEE Transactions on Automatica Control, 62 (8), 4151-4158, 2017.
  • S. Mou , A. S. Morse , M. A. Belabbas,  Z. Sun,  B.D.O. Anderson.  Undirected Formations are Problematic. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 61(10), 2821-2836 , 2016
  • S. Mou, M. Cao.    Target-Point Formation Control. Automatica, 61, 113-118, 2015.
  • Z. Sun, S. Mou, M. Deghat, B. D. O. Anderson. Finite time distributed distance-constrained shape stabilization and flocking control for d-dimensional undirected rigid formations. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. 2015 Nov.
  • S. Mou, A. S. Morse , B. D. O. Anderson.  Toward Robust Control of Minimally Rigid Undirected Formations. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014, 643-647.
  • S. Mou, A. S. Morse.  Fix the Non-Robustness Issue for a Class of Minimally Rigid Undirected Formations.  American Control Conference,2014, 2348-2352.


  • X. Wang, J. Hudack, S. Mou. Distributed Algorithm with Resilience for Multi-Agent Task Allocation. IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, 2021.
  • J.K.C. Lo, E. Garcia, S. Mou. Multi-Player Reach-Avoid Game in Dynamic Environment. IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, 2021.
  • X. Wang, S. Mou. A distributed algorithm for achieving the conversation principle. In Proceedings of American Control Conference, 5863-5867, 2018.
  • S. Mou, B. D. O. Anderson. Eigenvalue invariance of inhomogeneous matrix products in distributed algorithms. IEEE Control Systems Letters, 1(1), 8-13, 2017.


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