Modern society relies on a vast number of systems, including manufacturing plants, transportation networks, supply chains, healthcare systems, power and communication systems, and social networks. These systems are rapidly growing in scale and complexity, driven by advances in autonomy and connectivity. This trend will only continue with the advent of new application domains such as robotic swarms and smart cities. Understanding how to better design and control these complex, connected, and autonomous systems remains a grand challenge.

Affiliated with the broader Purdue's Strategic Initiative on Autonomous and Connected Systems, the mission of the Institute for Control, Optimization and Networks (ICON) at Purdue University is to integrate diverse expertise in the pursuit of innovative solutions to such grand challenges. In particular, ICON brings together researchers from across Purdue to:

  • Establish foundational knowledge and develop advanced techniques for controlling and optimizing complex dynamical systems;
  • Offer customizable curricula and leverage diverse delivery approaches to meet emerging educational needs;
  • Collaborate with industry, governmental agencies, and national labs to tackle national and global priorities.

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ICON Faculty Meeting with Saab CTO

September 23, 2022
This a meeting for ICON-affiliated faculties to meet CTO of Saab, Finland and his team to identify potential collaborations.


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  • Shaoshuai Mou
    Elmer Bruhn Associate Professor (AAE)
    Office Phone: 765-494-2546
    Office: ARMS 3329
  • Shreyas Sundaram
    Marie Gordon Professor (ECE)
    Office Phone: 765-496-0406
    Office: EE 322B

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