Human Body Communications(HBC) Survey : 1995-Present

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First Web release on 06/19/2022:

The following HBC survey contains a list of HBC based ICs and HBC modelling papers.
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It includes most of the reported HBC based ICs since 2007 and HBC modelling-based papers since 1995. HBC based ICs includes various transmitter, receiver and transceivers-based papers fabricated in various process technology nodes used for HBC applications. HBC modelling-based papers includes various papers characterizing the Human body as a communication channel over various frequencies and modalities of HBC.

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Shreyas Sen, “Human Body Communication Survey 1995-Present,” [Online].


Gourab Barik, Baibhab Chatterjee, Shovan Maity, Mayukh Nath, Nirmoy Modak, Debayan Das, Donghyun Seo, David Yang, Arunashish Datta, K Gaurav Kumar, and John Gergius.
We would also like to thank many of our friends and colleagues for their helpful suggestions and insightful discussions.

Feedback and Suggestions:

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, including any method to interpret and understanding the data. In addition, although we have tried to cover most of the published papers, it is very likely that we may have missed some of the HBC based papers. Please let us know of any feedback, suggestions, or any missing HBC papers.


Please contact us for any suggestion and feedback through .

Source of the data Collection:

We have focused on peer-reviewed and publicly available publications that are typical forums for HBC ICs ; IEEE ISSCC, JSSC, RFIC, VLSI, ESSCIRC, CICC, IMS, ISLPED, TBCAS, LSSC, MWCL, BIOCAS,ISCAS, ASSCC and for HBC Models; TMTT, TBME, NATURE, SENSOR, PIER.