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Edward J. DelpThe Charles William Harrison Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fengqing M. ZhuAssistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current VIPER Students

Sriram Baireddy
Emily Bartusiak
Kratika Bhagtani
Enyu Cai
Alain Chen
Zhihao Duan
Jiaqi Guo
Mridul Gupta
Yue Han
Hanxiang (Hans) Hao
Jiangpeng He
János Horváth
Xiaoyu Ji
Zhankun (Zack) Luo
Runyu Mao
Ryan Schwarz
Ruiting Shao
Zeman Shao
Yezhi Shen
Gautham Vinod
Liming Wu
Ziyue (Alan) Xiang
Weichen Xu
Amit Kumar Singh Yadav
Changye Yang
Justin Yang

Former VIPER Students

Ph.D. Students

NameYearThesisCurrent Position
Paul H. EichelMay 1985Sequential Detection of Linear Features in Two-Dimensional Random FieldsSandia National Labs
Nirwan AnsariAugust 1988Shape Recognition - A Landmark-Based ApproachNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Chee-Hung Henry ChuAugust 1988The Analysis of Image Sequence Data with Applications to Two-Dimensional EchocardiographyUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Hin Leong TanDecember 1988Edge Detection by Cost Minimization
Heidi A. PetersonMay 1990Image Segmentation Using Human Visual System Properties with Applications in Image Compression
Aly A. FaragMay 1990 A Stochastic Modeling Approach to Region and Edge Based Image SegmentationUniversity of Louisville
Robert L. StevensonAugust 1990Invariant Reconstruction of Curves and Surfaces with Discontinuities with Applications in Computer VisionUniversity of Notre Dame
Charles Scott FosheeDecember 1990Goal Driven Three Dimensional Object Inspection From Limited View Backprojection ReconstructionAdobe
Jisheng SongAugust 1991A Generalized Morphological Filter
C. RavishankarAugust 1991Tree-Structured Nonlinear-Adaptive Signal ProcessingHughes Network Systems
Mary L. ComerDecember 1995Multiresolution Image Processing Techniques With Applications In Texture Segmentation and Nonlinear FilteringPurdue University
Ke ShenDecember 1997A Study of Real-time and Rate Scalable Image and Video CompressionCisco Systems
Moses ChanMay 1999Psychologically Plausible Algorithm For Binocular Shape ReconstructionLockheed Martin
Sheng LiuMay 1999The Analysis of Digital Mammograms: Spiculated Tumor Detection and Normal Mammogram CharacterizationSabre Holdings
Paul SalamaAugust 1999Error Concealment In Encoded Images and VideoIUPUI
Eduardo AsbunAugust 2000Improvements in Wavelet-Based Rate Scalable Video CompressionInterDigital
Greg CookDecember 2002A Study Of Scalability In Video Compression: Rate-Distortion Analysis And Parallel ImplementationSamsung
Lauren ChristopherMay 2003Bayesian Segmentation Of Three Dimensional Images Using The EM/MPM AlgorithmIUPUI
Sahng-Gyu ParkDecember 2003Adaptive Lossless Video Compression
Jinwha YangMay 2004A Study of Error-Resilient Interleaving with Applications in the Transmission of Compressed Images and Video
Nariman Majdi NasabMay 2004 Stochastic and Biological Metaphor Parameter Estimation on the Gaussian Mixture Model and Image Segmentation by Markov Random FieldIntuitive Surgical
Cuneyt TaskiranDecember 2004Automatic Methods For Content-Based Access And Summarization Of Video SequencesMotorola
Yajie SunAugust 2004Normal Mammogram Analysis
Yuxin (Zoe) LiuAugust 2004Layered Scalable And Low Complexity Video Encoding: New Approaches And Theoretic AnalysisVisionular
Eugene LinMay 2005Video and Image Watermark SynchronizationCrucial Security/Harris Corporation
Zhen LiAugust 2005New Methods For Motion Estimation With Applications To Low Complexity Video CompressionFacebook
Hyung Cook KimMay 2006Watermark And Data Hiding Evaluation: The Development Of A Statistical Analysis FrameworkQualcomm
Hwa Young UmAugust 2006Selective Video Encryption Of Distributed Video Coded Bitstreams And Multicast Security Over Wireless NetworksSamsung
Limin LiuDecember 2007Backward Channel Aware Distributed Video CodingLinkedIn
Anthony MartoneDecember 2007Forensic Characterization Of RF CircuitsUnited States Army Research Lab
Liang LiangAugust 2009Error Resilient Video Streaming Algorithms Based On Wyner-Ziv CodingGoogle
Nitin KhannaDecember 2009Forensic Characterization Of Image Capture DevicesIndian Institute of Technology
Golnaz AbdollahianDecember 2009Content Analysis of User Generated VideoApple
Ying Chen LouDecember 2010Video Frames Interpolation Using Adaptive WarpingGoogle
Satyam SrivastavaMay 2011Display Device Color Management And Video Surveillance Of VehiclesIntel Corporation
Ka Ki NgDecember 2011Background Subtraction and Object Tracking with Applications in Visual SurveillanceSamsung
Fengqing ZhuDecember 2011Multilevel Image Segmentation with Application in Dietary Assessment and EvaluationPurdue University
Marc Bosch RuizMay 2012Visual Feature Modeling and Refinement with Application in Dietary AssessmentApplied Physics Laboratory
Meilin YangMay 2012Multiple Description Video Coding with Adaptive Error ConcealmentFacebook
Aravind MikkilineniAugust 2012Information Hiding in Printed DocumentsOak Ridge National Laboratory
Kevin LorenzAugust 2012Registration and Segmentation Based Analysis of Microscopy ImagesUS Naval Research Laboratory
Ye HeMay 2014Context Based Image Analysis With Application In Dietary Assessment And EvaluationGoogle
Chang XuMay 2014Volume Estimation And Image Quality Assessment With Application In Dietary Assessment And EvaluationFacebook
Albert Parra PozoAugust 2014Integrated Mobile Systems Using Image Analysis with Applications in Public SafetyFacebook
Bin ZhaoDecember 2014Image Analysis Using Visual Saliency With Applications In Hazmat Sign Detection And RecognitionIntel Corporation
Neeraj J. GadgilAugust 2016 Error Resilient Video Coding Using Bitstream Syntax And Iterative Microscopy Image Segmentation Dolby Laboratories
Khalid TahboubAugust 2017 Person Re-Identification And Intelligent Crowdsourcing With Applications In Public Safety Qualcomm
Joonsoo KimAugust 2017 Context Based Tattoo Image Analysis With Applications In Public Safety Samsung Research America
Yu WangAugust 2017 Learning Based Image Analysis With Application In Dietary Assessment and Evaluation Nvidia
Chichen Fu May 2019 Microscopy Image Registration, Synthesis and Segmentation NIO
Shaobo Fang May 2019 Single View Reconstruction for Food Portion Estimation PARC
Javier Ribera Prat May 2019 Image-Based Plant Phenotyping Using Machine Learning Samsung
David Joon Ho May 2019 Three Dimensional Segmentation and Detection of Fluorescence Microscopy Images Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Soonam Lee August 2019 Segmentation and Deconvolution of Fluorescence Microscopy Volumes Qualcomm
Jeehyun Choe August 2019 Video-Based Standoff Health Measurements Google
Dahjung Chung August 2019 Person Re-Identification & Video-Based Heart Rate Estimation Nvidia
David Güera December 2019 Media Forensics Using Machine Learning Approaches Apple
Yuhao Chen December 2019 Estimating Plant Phenotypic Traits From RGB Imagery University of Waterloo
Daniel Mas August 2020 Machine Learning-Based Multimedia Analytics Stanford University
Di Chen August 2020 Advancing Video Compression With Error Resilience and Content Analysis YouTube
Shuo Han August 2020 Fluorescence Microscopy Images Segmentation And Analysis Using Machine Learning Apple
Sri Kalyan Yarlagadda December 2020 Image Analysis For Shadow Detection, Satellite Image Forensics And Eating Scene Segmentation And Clustering Overjet
Qingshuang Chen August 2021 Touch Event Detection And Texture Analysis For Video Compression Amazon

M.S. Students

David R. BeeringDecember 1987The Use of the AT&T DSP32 Digital Signal Processing Development System: Applications and New DevelopmentsIntelligent Designs LLC
Cameron WrightMay 1988A Study of Target Enhancement Algorithms to Counter the Hostile Nuclear EnvironmentUniversity of Wyoming
Enrique Garcia-MelendoAugust 1988The Use of Image Processing Techniques for the Analysis of Echocardiographic Images
Mary L. ComerMay 1993The Use of Mathematical Morphology in Color Image ProcessingPurdue University
Vladimir KljajicMay 1997MTEACH: A Remote Lecturing System Using Multicast AddressingTexas Instruments
Michael IgartaDecember 2004A Study Of MPEG-2 And H.264 Video CodingNorthrop Grumman
Ashok Raj Kumaran MariappanAugust 2006A Low Complexity Approach To Semantic Classification Of Mobile Multimedia Data
Fengqing ZhuDecember 2006Spatial And Temporal Models ForTexture-Based Video CodingPurdue University
A. MariappanSeptember 2008Personal Dietary Assessment Using Mobile DevicesMicrosoft
Albert ParraDecember 2011An Integrated Mobile System for Gang Graffiti Image Acquisition and RecognitionFacebook
Blanca DelgadoMay 2016Non-ThesisMicrosoft
He LiMay 2017Non-ThesisOmniVision
Chang LiuMay 2017Non-ThesisOmniVision
Kyle ZigaAugust 2018Texture Synthesis and Photorealistic Re-rendering of Room Scene Images Raytheon
Emily R. Bartusiak May 2019 An Adversarial Approach to Sliced Forgery Detection and Localization in Satellite Imagery Purdue University
Sriram BaireddyAugust 2021Non-ThesisPurdue University
Mridul GuptaAugust 2021Non-ThesisPurdue University

Edward J. DelpAugust 1979Ph.D: Moment Preserving Quantization and its Application in Block Truncation CodingThe Charles William Harrison Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
June 1975MS: Spectral Analysis and Synthesis using Walsh Function