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Poster Awards

  1. First prize: Pengcheng Wang. "A3DOD: Adaptive 3D Object Detection System for Embedded GPUs".
    Co-authors: Fangzhou Mu (University of Wisconsin at Madison), Christopher Tan, Shayok Bagchi (West Lafayette High School), Ran Xu (NVIDIA), Yin Li (University of Wisconsin at Madison), Somali Chaterji.
  2.  First runner-up: Akhil Sai. "Vega: Drone-based Multi-Altitude Target Detection for Autonomous Surveillance".
    Co-authors: Sarthak Jain (Los Gatos High School), Akash Melachuri, Joseph Pappas, Somali Chaterji.
  3. Second runner-up: Enkeleda Bardhi. "One Model Is Not Enough: A Fully Distributed DDoS Detection Mechanism for Programmable Data Planes".
    Co-author: Muhammad Shahbaz


  1. Logistics document (traveling to Purdue, hotel, etc.) [ PDF ]
  2. CRISP and fit:
  3. Transport between hotel and workshop venue