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Welcome to the CRISP Grand Challenges Workshop 2019

Dates: Mar 20-21

Welcome reception: Mar 19

Where: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Our society is crucially dependent on several interdependent critical infrastructure systems and processes for operating these systems, such as, industrial control systems, IoT systems underlying our smart cities, large-scale cyber systems, and built environments like transportation and building infrastructures. These are subjected to various kinds of hazards and faults, both natural and malicious, often leading to user-visible failures. The technical communities supported by NSF’s CISE and Engineering Directorates have developed scientific methods to analyze the failure modes of the infrastructures and provide engineering tools to systematically build in resilience. This workshop is meant to bring together members of these communities who have focused on resilient and adaptive cyber-infrastructures, resilient cyber-physical systems, and scientific foundations of resilient socio-technical systems.

The participants will be thought and action leaders in the area of resilient systems, drawn from external academic researchers and industrial practitioners. This workshop will highlight the synergies among the domains through discussion of foundational techniques and case studies. Then it will present the salient research and practice challenges that can serve as a call-to-arms for the respective technical communities.

The workshop is made possible through funding by the National Science Foundation, Award #1845192.



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Keynote Speakers

Cyber resilience

Jiawei Han

"Uncovering "What Is Unusual" in Multi-Dimensional Space"

Jiawei Han
Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cyber-physical resilience

Ashutosh Sabharwal

"Platforms for At-scale Experiments"

Ashutosh Sabharwal
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University

Socio-technical resilience

Adam Rose

"Mitigation and Resilience Save"

Adam Rose
Research Professor
School of Public Policy
University of Southern California