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Prof. Pol receiving the Guiness World Record Award

Prof. Pol after creating the Guiness World Record

ViPER Group

Prof. Pol presents Keynote talk 'Nascent Carbon Architectures for Safer Energy Storage Devices's Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India.

Mitchell Daniels, President of Purdue University, visits the facilities and discusses research activities at the ViPER Laboratory!

Congratulations to A. Dysart, Prof. Pol and collaborators for their recent accepted publication in Environmental Science & Technology!

Arthur Dysart leads students through a battery fabrication demonstration during the 2015 Duke Energy Academy.

Dr. Peter B. Littlewood, director of Argonne National Laboratory, and the ViPER Group during his visit to Purdue University.

The SoyaCell Team accept their group award at the 2015 Soybean Competition Award Ceremony!

The ViPER upcycling research project, "Packing Peanut Power Supply," is featured at the ACS 2015 Conference in Denver Colorado!

Congratulations to Dr. Etacheri et. al. for their recent accepted publication in Advanced Energy Materials!

Prof. Pol with Prof. C. N. R. Rao & Prof. Doraiswami Ramkrishna during the reception of the 2014 Indo-US Science & Technology Forum.

Prof. Pol with Dr. Dick Wieboldt and Molly Isermann during the DXR Raman Microscope Symposium.

Jialiang & Arthur, first place presenters of the 2014 BASF Energy & Sustainability Forum, celebrate with the BASF Sustainability Committee.

Recent News

August, 2019. Picking the Molecular Lock to Recycle Plastic Link

March, 2019. Prof. Pol receives ACerS Richard M. Fulrath Award Link

March, 2019. Welcome to Dr. Hamid R. Seyf as 2019 Lillian Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellow in ViPER group Link

December, 2018. Prof. Pol visits China and Taiwan to give talk on "Engineered Materials for Safer Rechargeable Batteries"

November 29, 2018.Prof. Pol part of Fall President's Colloquia Link

Prof. Pol & research team publish in PNAS. Link

August 16, 2018. Congratulations to Ryan Adams on winning the best presentation award at GSO Chemical Engineering Symposium

August 15, 2018. Congratulations to Prof. Vilas Pol for setting new Guinness World Record for the fastest time (8 minutes 36 seconds) to arrange all elements of the periodic table (2018). Link

June 21, 2018. Dr. Vilas Pol leads $2M Office of Naval Research project on Li-ion battery safety. Link

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There is a great demand in today's mobile society for a better, longer lasting battery.

The focus of the Vilas Pol Energy Research (ViPER) Group is the design and fabrication of high capacity materials for next generation Lithium-ion, Lithium-Sulfur, and Sodium-ion battery systems.

Our inspiration draws from over 20+ years of combined experience within electrochemistry, nano-technology, interfacial and surface chemistry, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. Beginning with the simplest chemical precursors, we are able to synthesize revolutionary, next generation materials that are tested for the future of energy storage technology.

The ViPER Group welcomes interested visiting scholars to explore research opportunities in the areas of Lithium-ion, Li-Sulfur, and Sodium-ion batteries. Please submit your request to viper(at)purdue(.)edu.