2015 Student Soybean Innovation Competition

The Student Soybean Innovation Competition is an annual student product development competition that challenges Purdue University students to create new industrial products from soybeans. Under the guidance of two Purdue faculty advisors, student teams develop product ideas, develop a market analysis, design packaging, and market their product/material.

Nicholas Dininger, Arthur Dysart, Ram Saraswat, & Jialiang Tang entered the 2015 competition to showcase the SoyaCell, a rechargable lithium-ion battery made directly from soy products. In fact, three of the four required battery components are made from soy. These parts are made using simple, single-step, highly-versatile, and low cost chemical processes. Ongoing development of this product can help bring cheap, rechargeable energy to all communities across the globe.

Congratulations to the SoyaCell team for winning the People's Choice Award during the 2015 Student Soybean competition! The SoyaCell team would like to thank Prof. Vilas Pol, Prof. Corrine Alexander, Michelle "Micky" Creech, Dr. Charlotte Erdmann, & Nick Humphrey for their invaluable guiadance, assistance, and discussion. The SoyaCell team would also like to thank Purdue Univeristy & the Indiana Soybean Alliance for providing this challenging opportunity to make a difference in today's world.

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