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Titus Research Group

Our group seeks to better understand structure-property-processing relationships in high temperature alloys used in structural applications that include gas turbine engines, nuclear reactors, and rocket nozzles. We study traditional Ni-based and Co-based superalloys, refractory-based alloys, intermetallics, and novel alloys including concentrated complex alloys. And since temperature is relative (except for the Kelvin scale of course!), we also investigate aluminum alloys for use at high homologeous temperatures.
Characterization of deformation behavior and mechanisms is of primary interest to the group. We seek to understand deformation mechanisms at the atomic scale, where we can utilize first-principles calculations to investigate properties such as defect energies. We may then relate atomic scale processes to the deformation of the bulk material. By incorporating our understanding of deformation with high-throughput calculations and experiments, we aim to rapidly discover and development new structural alloys.