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Conference Abstract: Socio-Economic Implications Related to the Emergence of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: The Tale of Two Midwestern Cities

This is the abstract submitted for a presentation given at ITE Great Lakes District Annual Meeting, held April 15-16 2019, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The presentation was given by Lisa Losada Rojas, based on her work on the CCAT project Public Acceptance and Socio-Economic Analysis of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Implications for Policy and Planning.

Emergence of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) is expected to alter transportation costs and patterns, thus affecting accessibility and mobility, and could have direct and indirect socio-economic implications, such as access to opportunities and flexible and affordable mobility.  This presentation will describe the methodology and results of socio-economic analysis related to SAV adoption for Indianapolis and Chicago.  The results of this spatial analysis were integrated with the results of the SAV market segmentation analysis for each area to assess to what extent transportation disadvantaged groups intend to adopt SAVs, as well as identify potential areas where SAVs can be effectively deployed.