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Yih students enter I2D poster session

Yih students enter I2D poster session

Photo of Innovation for International Development (I2D) Exposition
The I2D Expo took place in ARMS
Photo of Dawei Wang
Dawei Wang explains his poster
Photo of Rhoann Kerh & Dr. Yih
Rhoann Kerh & Dr. Yih
Photo of Sidi Deng & Dr. Yih
Sidi Deng with Dr. Yih
Three IE graduate students presented posters at the annual College of Engineering Innovation for International Development (I2D) Exposition hosted by the Shah Family Global Innovation Lab.

The March 29 Expo included talks, panel discussions, the poster session, and a keynote presentation by Dr. Essam Sharaf (MSCE ’80, PhD ’84, DEA ‘06), former Prime Minister of Egypt.

Three PhD students from Dr. Yuehwern Yih's Smart Operations and Systems (SOS) Lab presented posters. They were:

  • Sidi Deng - Spatial Redesign for KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) Center in Malawi
  • Rhoann Kerh - Demand Sensing and Digital Tracking for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in Uganda
  • Dawei Wang - E+TRA Emergency Response Supply Chain Management System

Wang won 3rd place in the student poster competition.

The USAID LASER-PULSE program, where Dr. Yih serves as the Academic Director, also presented their recent activities and updates at the Poster Session, including:

  1. Overview of LASER PULSE consortium
  2. Education Project /Impact Evaluation - Integrated Essential Emergency Education, South Sudan
  3. A case study analysis of Kenya's Tusome early grade reading program, Kenya
  4. Private Sector Engagement Evidence and Learning

The Shah Family Global Innovation Lab, under Global Engineering Programs & Partnerships, was founded to convene and catalyze consortia – matching world-class capability with the most pressing global challenges. The Lab supports a community of faculty, staff, students, and global partners to respond to bottleneck challenges in international development through engineering innovations and market-driven approaches. Annually, the Innovation for International Development (I2D) Exposition provides a forum for invited development professionals, students, faculty, and staff to share and learn from one another.  This year's Exposition aimed to provide tools and resources for the Purdue community to enhance their impact on the world – from techniques for engaging with stakeholder communities, to tips for pursuing careers in international development.