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CE 331- Civil Engineering Materials II

This course builds on the use of fundamental material science and solid mechanics concepts with an increased emphasis on engineering applications of civil engineering materials such as Portland cement concrete, bituminous materials/ asphalt cement concrete, polymers, composites, and wood. The students will be able to describe the behavior of these materials based on fundamental material science and will link this understanding with state-of-the art/practice testing, design, and analysis procedures.  In addition, hands-on laboratory experiments are emphasized in this course.

CE 597- Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Sensing

This course introduces students to the field of nanomaterials and device synthesis and characterizations with a special emphasis on energy harvesting and infrastructure sensing/monitoring. It integrates the fields of materials science, civil engineering and electrical engineering. The basic concepts are discussed including: nano-scale effect, process-structure-property relationship, charge transport mechanisms, characterization of nanostructures and devices. Advanced materials/device fabrications topics will be studied including processing methods from gas, vapor and solid phases. Nanomaterials properties, processing methods and devices will be discussed with regards to specific applications ranging from thermoelectric to piezoelectric and their applications in energy harvesting and infrastructure sensing. Hands-on lab will be provided to students enrolled in the course including materials growth and characterization. 

CE 597- Non-destructive testing and sensing in Civil Engineering