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Our People

Principle Investigator:

Li Qiao, Professor

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

School of Mechanical Engineering (Courtesy), Purdue University

Address: 701 W. Stadium Ave.,West Lafayette, IN, 47907-2045 

Phone: 765-494-2040, Fax: 765-494-0370, E-mail:


Current Staff:

Dr. Qili Liu, Research Scientist, USTC (BS, 2011), Notre Dame (PhD, 2015)

Current Students:

PhD Students:

Suman Chakraborty, Thesis: A Molecular Investigation of Supercritical Fuel Properties

Shatakshi Gupta, Thesis: Microscale Combustion Phenomena in Printed Circuit-type Fuel-air Heat Exchangers

Dong Eun Lee, Thesis: Pre-chamber Turbulent Jet Ignition for Lean-burn Gasoline Engines

Chris Swanson, Thesis: Graphene Foam-supported Catalysts for Propulsion Applications


PhD Students:

Yanan Gan (July 2012), now an engineer at Pratt&Whitney UTC, Connecticut.

Jian Xu (October 2014), now an engineer at Baltimore Aircoil Company, Maryland.

Saad Tanvir (July 2016), now an engineer at Tesla Inc, California.

Sayan Biswas (July 2017), now an assistant professor at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Shourya Jain (December 2018), now a scientist at DowDuPont Inc, Delaware.

MS-Thesis Students:

Deepti Singh (2011), now an assistant professor at Washington State University, Vancouver, Washington.

Takayuki Nishiee (2011), now an engineer at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan.

Saad Tanvir (2011), now an engineer at Tesla Inc, California.

Bogdan Pavlov (2012), now an engineer at SpaceX, Washington.

Ang Li (2016), now an engineer at Corporate Technology, Siemens, Beijing, China.

Alex Mastrean (2018), now an engineer at Orbital ATK, Arizona.

Undergradute Students:

Saad Tanvir, Richard Wang, Mark Pfeil, Abhi Murty, Alex Chong Shao Teng, Dustin Truesdell, Jamal Enakhimion, Anthony Malito, Yi-Syuen Lim, Mark Danielson, Andrea Exil, Jesus Pozo, David Kun, Aaron Johnson, Jennifer Wu, Ye Nearn Teoh, Timothy Machin, Omar Yehia, Machael Woodworth, Tanyu Yang, Josia Lo, Jacob Hines, Erica Chadwell