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Welcome to Prof. Qiao's Propulsion and Energy Lab!

Professor Li Qiao’s research focuses on the development of new technologies and the understanding of basic science in the areas of fuels, combustion and sustainable energy.  Research interests include nanoscale energetic materials, alternative fuels and fuel synthesis by coal and biomass gasification, pre-chamber turbulent jet ignition for lean-burn natural gas and gasoline engines, supercritical behaviors in high-pressure propulsion systems, MEMS power devices, and novel laser and x-ray diagnostic method.

Current research areas:

(1) Novel fuels and propellants for high-speed propulsion;
(2) Advanced ignition methods for combustion engines;
(3) Supercritical behaviors in high-pressure reacting flows;
(4) Alternative fuels;
(5) Combustion at smaller scales;




PI: Li Qiao, Professor

School of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Purdue University