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Post doc and PhD position available in the Raman Research group immediately

Post doc and PhD position available in the Raman Research group immediately

Author: AR
Event Date: August 15, 2017

One postdoc position and one PhD position are available in our group immediately. Detail for the postdoc position are provided below.

A postdoctoral position in nonlinear dynamics of multi-frequency AFM methods and applications to polymer analysis is available immediately to work with Profs. Arvind Raman, Anil Bajaj, and Ron Reifenberger at the Birck Nanotechnology Center ( at Purdue University. The position is supported by an NSF GOALI award in partnership with Oxford Instruments- Asylum.

As one of the foremost instruments of nanoscience, the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Where only a decade ago the AFM microcantilever was excited and measured at a single frequency, today's multi-frequency AFM's routinely excite and measure the AFM microcantilever at multiple frequencies. Mining and extracting knowledge about local surface properties from these data requires a deep understanding of the physics of the AFM microcantilever interacting with a variety of surfaces in multi-frequency excitation settings.

The project seeks to develop an analytical and computational framework to predict the multi-timescale nonlinear dynamics of the microcantilever on a variety of samples including polymers, linking rigorously experimental multi-frequency observables to local nanoscale physical properties, and improving the practice of multi-frequency AFM on samples ranging from electronic materials and polymers to soft biological materials.

The ideal candidate for this position will either have a strong background in either (a) perturbation methods in nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory, computational methods for nonlinear dynamics, OR (b) Mathematical modeling of AFM, analytical theory of dynamic AFM. The ideal candidate should also have experience in either conducting experiments or working closely with experimentalists. The candidate will be expected to undertake theoretical, computational, and experimental studies on AFM systems in our Lab in close collaboration with industrial and international partners.

A contract of two years is offered and can be extended pending performance and availability of funds. Highly motivated candidates with a PhD in Science or Engineering should send their CV plus contact information of three referees by email to Prof. Arvind Raman, Robert V. Adams Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at . Expected start date is Fall 2017/Spring 2018.