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Nateghi receives 1st-ever IE Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

External Funding:

  • 2020 NSF CIS (#2000140)A Deeply Integrated Physics-Based and Data-Driven Approach for Effective Resilience Management of the Power Grid
  • 2018 NSF CRISP (#1832688), Distributed Edge Computing to Improve Resilience of Interdependent Systems
  • 2018 NSF HDBE (#1826161), A Data-centric Uncertainty-informed Framework for Resilience Analytics of Critical Infrastructure Under Extreme Climate Events
  • 2017 NSF HDBE (#1728209), Towards a Resilient Grid: An Investment Prioritization Decision Framework that Integrates the Growing Risks of Severe Weather- Induced Outages
  • 2015 NSF CBET (#1555582), SEES: Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Planning 
  • 2012 NSF SEES (Science Engineering and Education for Sustainability) Fellowship



  • 2021 AAAS Science Technology & Technology Policy Fellowship at the US DOE
  • 2019 Society of Risk Analysis Best Paper Award 
  • 2018 Purdue Center for the Environment, Sustainable Communities Seed Grant
  • 2018 Travel Award to attend the workshop on connecting Woman Faculty in Sustainable Building Research (WISB)
  • 2018 Travel Assistantship to attend the Engineering Mechanics Conference (EMI 2018)
  • 2017/2018 NSF Travel Award to attend the Interdisciplinary Methods for Disaster Research Workshop
  • 2017 Purdue EEE Support for Exploratory Research (EEE-SER) Seed Grant
  • 2016 Inaugural Purdue IE Outstanding Graduate Mentor
  • 2016 Purdue Research Foundation International Travel Grant
  • 2016 Purdue Sustainable Communities Seed Grant
  • 2012 Graduate Student Fellowship for the NSF CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation Conference
  • 2011 Travel grant to attend ADVANCE Future Faculty Workshop                        
  • 2009 Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA) Student Paper Competition