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Nateghi receives 1st-ever IE Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

External Funding:

2017 NSF HDBE (#1728209), Towards a Resilient Grid: An Investment Prioritization Decision Framework that Integrates the Growing Risks of Severe Weather- Induced Outages

2015 NSF CBET (#1555582), SEES: Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Planning 

2012 NSF SEES (Science Engineering and Education for Sustainability) Fellowship



2018 Purdue Center for the Environment, Sustainable Communities Seed Grant

2018 Travel Award to attend the workshop on connecting Woman Faculty in Sustainable Building Research (WISB)

2018 Travel Assistantship to attend the Engineering Mechanics Conference (EMI 2018)

2017/2018 NSF Travel Award to attend the Interdisciplinary Methods for Disaster Research Workshop

2017 Purdue EEE Support for Exploratory Research (EEE-SER) Seed Grant

2016 Inaugural Purdue IE Outstanding Graduate Mentor

2016 Purdue Research Foundation International Travel Grant

2016 Purdue Sustainable Communities Seed Grant

2012 Graduate Student Fellowship for the NSF CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation Conference

2011 Travel grant to attend ADVANCE Future Faculty Workshop                        

2009 Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA) Student Paper Competition