Process for Review and Promotion of Junior Faculty with Joint Appointments

C.1 Approved ​by EAPC November 28, 2005; C.2 Approved by EAPC February 19, 2015


C.1 All junior faculty with joint appointments should have formal input from all Primary Committees (PCs) involved in non-zero appointment schools/departments.

For annual feedback

During annual reviews, minor PCs will provide formal documented input via letter to the major PC via its chair; the chair will record the feedback from the PC and provide a formal letter to the major PC.

For promotion and tenure

Minor PCs will provide formal documented input via letter to the major PC during a review for promotion and tenure; the Head will record the feedback from PC and provide a formal letter to the major PC; this feedback will be based on discussion for promotion and tenure purposes.

A team of faculty (including representation from the minor school/department) will be identified to assist in preparation of the promotion document.

Affiliation in other units

C.2 These guidelines were developed so that school Primary Committees can be more fully informed about the nature, extent, significance and impact of contributions that a candidate for promotion and tenure has made to cognate academic units either through a joint appointment or otherwise. The intent is for the PCs to be able to have the most direct access possible to persons who are better able to provide information about the contributions of the candidate. 
Appendix C.1 of the EAPC guidelines describes a process for obtaining mandatory written input for candidates who have a joint appointment in another unit. For candidates who have significant efforts in another University unit(s) outside of their tenure home, but without a joint appointment in that unit, the School Head may, upon discussion with the candidate, select one or more individuals at an appropriate rank or position from whom to request a letter that details the candidate’s contributions to that outside unit(s).
In cases of candidates with or without joint appointment in another unit, the School Head may also invite one or more of the individuals who are requested to write a letter to attend the School’s Primary Committee meeting during the component when the candidate’s promotion and/or tenure case is being presented and discussed to provide information and context regarding the candidate's contribution to the unit(s).
All such visitors will be subject to CoE guidelines on confidentiality and conflict of interest. They will be non-voting visitors and will leave the meeting after providing information about the candidate and answering any questions.