Alum of the Month, July 2022: Prashanth Bangalore Venkatesh

Dr. Bangalore Venkatesh graduated from both the MS and PhD programs in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is now a Lead Propulsion Analyst at Agile Space Industries, Inc.


Degree(s) from Purdue: MS and PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics

Year graduated: May 2020

Current position: Lead Propulsion Analyst at Agile Space Industries, Inc.

Describe what you do in this role: 

Design thruster components (for 3D printing), fluid systems, and tooling for test and assembly. Manage and conduct engine hotfire test planning, execution and data analysis to report engine performance for R&D, qualification and validation. Design and perform laboratory tests for evaluation of thruster hardware.

What was your favorite part about being a PERC student researcher? 

I enjoyed being around a variety of experiments and research at Zucrow Labs, which gave me the opportunity to learn about new and emerging technology in the aerospace industry. The ability to interact with and learn from staff and other graduate students on different aspects of experiment design, operation and analysis was truly valuable!

How do you use the skills/knowledge that you gained as a student researcher in your current position?

Zucrow Labs is well known for operating and running high-energy combustion and propulsion research in a very safe and reliable manner. The safe and systematic performance of such research is a skill I learnt during my time at the Labs, and I continue to use it in my current role and will do so throughout my career.

Any advice for current/prospective PERC students?

Ask questions no matter how trivial, learn as much as you can about all the research that is happening around you and build your network!