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Amico to attend NSF workshop

Amico to attend NSF workshop

Photo of Dr. Enrico Amico
Dr. Enrico Amico
Dr. Enrico Amico has been selected to participate at the upcoming NSF workshop titled “Present and Future Frameworks of Theoretical Neuroscience”.

The goal of this meeting is to determine the present theoretical framework in neuroscience, identify challenges, and define strategies to tackle future problems in the field. During this workshop, Dr. Amico, postdoctoral research associate in the CONNplexity Lab, will work on a white paper to describe the present framework of theoretical neuroscience and a poster on the a priori dissection of the field into "main axes" of theoretical neuroscience.

There will be two podcasts following the discussions at the workshop: There will also be an outreach activity to bring the findings and results of the workshop to the general public.

The workshop will take place Feb. 4-7 in San Antonio, TX.