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Goni to present at CSN symposium in Indy

Goni to present at CSN symposium in Indy

CSN Symposium flyer
Drs. Joaquín Goñi spoke at the Computational & Systems Neuroscience Symposium in Indianapolis.

The symposium, titled "IUPUI Computational Neuroscience: From Theory to Clinical Applications", brought together researchers in computational and systems neuroscience from multiple universities and campuses in Indiana. It featured internationally-renowned neuroscientists presenting leading-edge interdisciplinary research that bridges theoretical, experimental, and clinical directions.

It took place on April 27, 2018, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, in the IUPUI Library Lilly Auditorium. 

Keynote Speakers: Mikhail Rabinovich (UCSD) & Olaf Sporns (IUB) 

Presenters: Leslie Kay (U Chicago); John Beggs (IUB); Joaquin Goni (PU); Robert Rosenbaum (Notre Dame); Leonid Rubchinsky (IUPUI); Christopher Lapish (IUPUI); Alexey Kuznetsov (IUPUI) 

Supported by: Center for Teaching and Research, Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, School of Science, Office of Academic Affairs IUPUI, Department of Mathematical Sciences