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2016-2020. NIH R01 (PI: L Shen)
Integrative Bioinformatics Approaches to Human Brain Genomics and Connectomics
Role: Co-investigator
2016-2017 (PI: Yu-Chien Wu)
Microstructure modulated white matter connectivity for mild traumatic brain injury.
Role: Co-PI
2015-2020. NIH R01 (PI: J Harezlak)
Statistical models for multi-modal brain imaging studies of HIV-associated cognitive decline.
Role: Co-investigator
2015-2017. CTSI GLUE grant (PI: F Pestilli)
Improved accuracy for anatomical mapping and network structure of the Alzheimer’s brain.
Role: Co-investigator
2011-2016. NIH/NIA P30 AG10133 (PI: Saykin AJ)
Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center (IADC).
The major goal of this project is to support, carry out and facilitate research on Alzheimer disease and other
neurodegenerative dementias as well as serving as a shared research resource.
Role: Co-investigator
2013-2015. Indiana University Imaging Research Facility seed grant.
Todd PM (PI), Goñi J, Brown J, Jones M, Hills TT.
Comparing mechanisms of memory search and spatial search in young and old adults.
Role: Co-investigator.
2014 –2014 Promoted from Research Associate to Assistant Research Scientist at the Psychological and Brain Sciences
Department in Indiana University.
2012-2013. Awarded with a post-doctoral research grant under the program "Estancias de movilidad postdoctoral" of the
Spanish Ministry of Education. Duration: 15 months, from May 2012 until July 2013.
2012. Declared accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) of the Spanish
Ministry of Education for the contractual figures of “Profesor Contratado Doctor” (tenured, full-time), in May 2012.
2011-2014. Participation in the Brain Network Recovery Group (Brain NRG) Phase II - The Virtual Brain Project, funded by
the James S. McDonnell Foundation (ref. JSMF22002082). Understanding the human brain functions and dysfunctions and
create a way to simulate and predict its behaviour.
2007-2010. Participation in the European Project “EU 6thFP - Complex Dis” COMPLEXDIS (ref. NEST-043241) –
Unravelling Complex Diseases with Complexity Theory: from Networks to the Bedside.
2006-2008. Awarded with a predoctoral research grant under the program "Ayudas predoctorales de formacion" of the
Government of Navarra. Duration: 33 months, from Jan 2006 until Sept 2008.