Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.
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Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.

PRISM Center

Production, Robotics, and Integration Software for Manufacturing & Management (est. 1991)


PRISM Global Research Network
(est. 2001)

Current Research Projects at PRISM Center and Affiliates

- Best Matching Protocol
- Collaborative Decision Networks
- Conflict & Error Prevention/Detection
- HUB-CI Telerobotics
- More at PRISM...



Best Matching Protocol

Collaborative Decision Networks

Conflict & Error Prevention and Detection

Facility Sensor Networks

Task Administration Protocols for Collaborative e-Work

Reinventing Collaboration

Cyber-Collaborative Factory of the Future.

Assembly and Inspection Integration

Engineering and Design Collaboration

Distributed Models of Networked Enterprises

Information Assurance for Networked Enterprises

International Projects

Mock Drill for Indiana

PRISM Center sample recent lab projects L-R
Real-Time data acquisition from a sensor network; Error detection measurements in collaborative robotics (Dr. Xin Chen); Decision networks with distributed ERP (Dr. Hoo Sang Ko and Dr. Sang Won Yoon); MEMS sensor-array for industrial arteries; Mock Drill for Indiana transportation.
PRISM Center
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