Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.
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Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.

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Current Research Projects at PRISM Center and Affiliates

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- Collaborative Decision Networks
- Conflict & Error Prevention/Detection
- HUB-CI Telerobotics
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Distributed Models of Networked Enterprises


Integration is an intelligent response to an increasing fragmentation of distributed organizations. Information integration in networked enterprises is necessary to gain better control over the different units or functions of an organization, leading to improved performance and, potentially, better results. Successful integration is viewed as a highly competitive ability. Many information systems and tools are offered for integration, but the problem is how to organize the integration effort, particularly the information flow and processing. In this area, research projects address the integration of distributed human, computer, and machine functions in a factory or a service organization. The objective is to model processes of integration, analyze and evaluate them, and assess the performance of alternative means of integration, including integration architectures and protocols. An important analogy is drawn from models and systems of parallel computing.


  1. Coordination and Integration Models for Distributed and Heterogeneous CIM Information
  2. Integration Requirements Planning in a Collaborative Design Environment: A Knowledge Based Approach
  3. Manufacturing Integration and Learning by Corporate Memory Systems (CMS)
  4. Formation of Agent Networks for Manufacturing Systems
  5. Development of Cooperative/Distributed Shop Floor Control System in Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  6. Evaluation of Time-Out Protocols in Manufacturing Systems
  7. Planning Effective Parallelism in Production Operations
  8. Optimizing Engineering Task Integration Topologies
  9. Multi-Enterprise Networking
  10. Two-Center Enterprise Model
  11. An Integration Model for Distributed Organizations with Parallelism
  12. Autonomy and Viability in Agent-Based Manufacturing Systems
  13. Formulation and Evaluation of Agent-Based Manufacturing Systems
  14. Agent-Based Prediction and Planning of Customer Requirements in Distributed Stream Service Systems
  15. The Design of Active Middleware for e-Work Interaction
  16. Design of Distributed Stream Service Facility
  17. LanSim Software for Evaluation of Distributed Stream Service Protocols
  18. Genetic Algorithms for Multi-Enterprise Network
  19. Scalable Multi-Enterprise Network
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