Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.
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Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.

PRISM Center

Production, Robotics, and Integration Software for Manufacturing & Management (est. 1991)


PRISM Global Research Network
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Current Research Projects at PRISM Center and Affiliates

- Best Matching Protocol
- Collaborative Decision Networks
- Conflict & Error Prevention/Detection
- HUB-CI Telerobotics
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Engineering and Design Collaboration


The general scope of this area can be defined as the industrial engineering of distributed work systems/facilities, focusing on the development of computer support tools for collaborative work (CSCW). The nature of work systems is being transformed significantly by a variety of factors and information technologies. Important trends are telecommuting, telecomputing, telecommunication, and the need to effectively coordinate the distributed workers, sites, or companies for agile, responsive results. Projects address the investigation of CSCW software tools, various specific information and workflow models, and protocols for this emerging work environment.


  1. Object-Oriented Integration of Concurrent Engineering and a Laser Processing Cell
  2. Cooperation Requirements Planning for Multi-Robot Assembly Cells
  3. Co-design
  4. Co-X Modules and Protocols
  5. Performing Team Roles in Computer Supported Teamwork Systems
  6. The Development of Collaborative Planning (Co-Plan) Environment
  7. Function-Form Reasoning Protocols for the Concurrent Engineering of Stamped Metal Parts
  8. Production Control for Just In Time Tool and Die Manufacturing
  9. Control Visualization Using a Simulator-Emulator Workstation
  10. Flexibility Measures: Applicability Analysis and Framework
  11. Concurrent Flexible Specifications of Function and Real-Time Logic in Manufacturing
  12. Integrating Distributed Concurrent Designs by FDL: A Facility Description Language
  13. Development of Computer Models for Material Handling and Robotics
  14. Conflict Resolution of Collaborative Facility Design
  15. Human-Robot Interaction for Error-Recovery Using a Fuzzy-Neural Approach
  16. Intelligent Support for Engineering Collaboration
  17. A Signal Detection Theory Based Perspective on Warning Design
  18. TIE/Protocol: Teamwork Integration Evaluation for Protocol Analysis and Design
  19. Using Simulation to Model the Integration of Design Tasks
  20. TIE: Teamwork Integration Evaluation (Version 1.2)
  21. Methods of Evaluating Distributed Systems: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
  22. The Recursive Design Formalism
  23. Distributed Micro Sensor Network/Arrays
  24. B24. Multi-Agent Systems Evaluation of Coordination Using Parallel Computing Technique
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