Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.
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Shimon Y. Nof, Professor, Ph.D.

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Current Research Projects at PRISM Center and Affiliates

- Best Matching Protocol
- Collaborative Decision Networks
- Conflict & Error Prevention/Detection
- HUB-CI Telerobotics
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Assembly and Inspection Integration


Concurrent engineering of flexible assembly and just-in-time demands require solutions for rapid analysis and decisions in response to on-going changes. Projects in this area apply graphic-based, logic-based, and analysis model-based techniques to solve specific integration problems in flexible assembly and other facilities. Effect of communication, distributed control, and new inspection technologies including MEMS are investigated.


  1. The Best-Matching Protocol by Integration of Distributed On-Line Inspection Information
  2. Application of Distributed Processing in Electronic Assembly Testing
  3. Planning and Evaluating Client-Server Integration Protocols for Assembly-and-Test Work-Cells
  4. The TestLAN Approach to the Design of Testing Systems
  5. Assessment Methodology for On-Line Inspection Technologies
  6. Reachability Analysis in Robotic Cells Using a Simulator-Emulator Workstation
  7. Motion Economy Analysis for Robotic Kitting Tasks
  8. The effectiveness of Protocol Adaptability in TestLAN-based Production Environment
  9. Five Fundamental Models and Measures of Assembly
  10. Sensor economy Selection Procedures and Principles
  11. MEMS for On-Line Inspection
  12. Microsensor Technologies for Mechatronics Systems
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