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Professor Ramkrishna’s research group is motivated by ideas in the application of mathematics to solving problems in chemical and biochemical reaction engineering. Such problems involve both model building towards capturing essential behavior of systems, and evolving the theoretical and experimental machinery for the identification of model parameters and phenomenological functions. Their research ideas arise from linear (operator methods) and nonlinear analysis of ordinary and partial differential equations, stochastic processes, and population balance modeling involving integro-partial differential equations. The major thrust is fundamental and inspired generally by key technological issues. Our focus is on problems associated with the production and conservation of energy.

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Dispersed Phase Systems
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Applied Math
  • Personalized Medicine


Alumni News:

  • Congratulations to Ramki group alumnus Prof. Pedro E. Arce for being elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)!
  • Prof. Pedro E. Arce and his co-workers have been awarded a $3M NRT-NSF Proposal on the use of the Gadugi philosophy for the FEW Nexus and powered by their Rennaissance Foundry Model.
  • Past members of the Ramki Group and their families visit Prof. Ramkrishna and his wife, Geetha. See Gallery for photos. 
  • Professor Pedro Arce, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Tech University was selected unanimously by the Scholar Mentor Award Committee of the university to win the Scholar Mentor Award.
  • Prof. Tanmay Lele visited Purdue BME on February 16, 2022 as part of their Distinguished Seminar series. The title of his talk is “Cancer Mechanobiology“. 
  • Dr. Parul Verma was awarded a grant by the Alzheimer’s Association, which will fund her salary and other research activities at UCSF for a 2-year period. Hearty congratulations!
  • Dr. Meenesh R. Singh’s research on transport analysis of magnetophoresis got published in PNAS. Link to paper | Link to press release
  • Dr. Tanmay Lele runs the BMES Annual Meeting as one of the co-organizers. 
  • With great sadness, we share the news that Prof. Prasad Dhurjati, a former member of the Ramki group and a Professor at the University of Delaware, has passed away today (June 30th, 2020.) Prof. Ramkrishna’s reminiscences of Prof. Dhurjati
  • Professor Tanmay Lele (2002 PhD jointly with Jochen Lauterbach) is moving from the University of Florida to Texas A&M BME with a joint appointment with ChE thanks to a substantial research award from the state of Texas. Link to press release
  • Dr. Meenesh R. Singh’s research on effect of solvent fluctuations on crystal growth rates got published in PNAS. Link to paper | Link to press release
  • Dr. Meenesh R. Singh’s research on artificial photosynthesis was featured in TomoNews US. Here is the link to the video showcasting the work.
  • Dr. Meenesh R. Singh’s research on artificial photosynthesis got published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
  • Dr. Prasad Dhurjati’s op-ed based on their clean coal research was published in Newsweek.
  • Dr. Prasad Dhurjati’s research on “Biogenic Methane Formation from Coal” using microbes from the termite gut made cover page in Udaily.
  • Dr. Prasad Dhurjati’s research on brain cancer appeared in Udaily
  • Dr. Terry Papoutsakis elected as member of National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
  • Dr. Prasad Dhurjati’s research on osteoporosis highlighted in local University news
  • Dr. Meenesh Singh featured in Chemistry World
  • Dr. Prasad Dhurjati appeared on NPR Radio and Press