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Group Seminar

Presenter Presentation Title Date
Tony T Vukovich, Rubesh Raja Research updates 12/05/2019
Lina Aboulmouna, Parul Verma AIChE practice talks 11/07/2019
Parul Verma, Akancha Pandey AIChE practice talks 10/31/2019
Pelin S Bulutoglu A multidimensional free energy approach for polymorph selection in crystallization of glycine from solution 10/24/2019
Kunaal Joshi The evolution of cells’ decision to divide 10/18/2019
Akancha Pandey Research update and future directions 10/11/2019
Lina Aboulmouna Research update and future directions 10/04/2019
Rubesh Raja HCV treatment dilemma: Connections with cancer 09/13/2019
Pelin S Bulutoglu Research update 08/22/2019
Akancha Pandey Modeling hydroxyurea dynamics to improve Sickle Cell Disease treatment 08/16/2019
Lina Aboulmouna A Cybernetic Approach to Modeling Lipid Metabolism in Mammalian Cells 08/02/2019
Parul Verma On exploring pain. Does dynamical theory have a role in understanding it 07/26/2019
Pelin S Bulutoglu Unraveling the mechanism of nucleation from solution using molecular simulations – A step towards polymorph prediction 07/19/2019
Rubesh Raja Optimizing HCV Treatments 07/11/2019
Parul Verma Using dynamical systems theory to investigate electrophysiology of a nociceptive neuron 06/07/2019
Akancha Pandey Research update 05/31/2019
Rubesh Raja A mathematical model of HIV treatment using broadly neutralizing antibodies 05/24/2019
Rubesh Raja Modelling and optimization of novel therapies for hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV infections 05/10/2019
Pelin S Bulutoglu Hybrid MD/MC for polymorph selection & estimation of aggregation frequency in an agitated filter dryer 04/26/2019
Lina Aboulmouna A cybernetic approach to modeling lipid metabolism in mammalian systems 04/19/2019
Kunaal Joshi Cell Size Homeostasis in C. Crescentus 04/05/2019
Akancha Pandey Mathematical Modeling Approach to Rescue Sickle Cell Disease Patients 02/28/2019
Dr. Sri Iyer-Biswas Emergent rules governing stochastic individual cell dynamics 02/08/2019
Parul Verma A mathematical investigation of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy 02/01/2019
Pelin S Bulutoglu String method for polymorph selection in crystallization of glycine from solution 01/25/2019
Lina Aboulmouna Information Theoretic Approach to Complex Biological Network Reconstruction: Application to cytokine release in RAW 264.7 macrophages 01/18/2019
Akancha Pandey Pharmacokinetic – Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Hydroxyurea 12/07/2018
Parul Verma Integrative Mathematical Model to Investigate Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy through a Mechanistic Study of Neuronal Dynamics 10/26/2018
Parul Verma Pharmacometabonomics Approach for Early Prediction of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 10/19/2018
Parul Verma Dynamical systems analysis of peripheral neuropathy 10/12/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Qualifier Practice Talk 09/26/2018
Parul Verma Dynamical systems analysis of a simple pain model 09/21/2018
Ming-Hsu Chen Modeling of Inulin Consumption by Microbial Communities 09/07/2018
Lina Aboulmouna Prelim Practice Talk 08/31/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Research Progress 08/24/2018
Lina Aboulmouna Current Research Efforts and Future Directions 08/03/2018
Ming-Hsu Chen Mechanistic modeling of inulin consumption by microbial communities 07/06/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Theoretical Quest to Crystal Polymorphs 06/29/2018
Akancha Pandey Research Progress 06/15/2018
Parul Verma Pharmacometabonomics Approach for Early Prediction of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 06/08/2018
Lina Aboulmouna A Cybernetic Approach to Model Lipid Metabolism in a Mammalian System 06/01/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Research Progress 05/25/2018
Akancha Pandey Research Progress 05/11/2018
Parul Verma Mathematical model to investigate chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy through mechanistic study of neuronal dynamics 04/27/2018
Alan Min Deconvoluting Epigenetic Effects 04/13/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Research progress 04/06/2018
Lina Aboulmouna A tale of two models: Modeling lipid metabolism in a mammalian system 03/30/2018
Lina Aboulmouna A tale of two models: Modeling lipid metabolism in a mammalian system 03/23/2018
Akancha Pandey Non-Compliance in Hydroxyurea Treatment 03/16/2018
Parul Verma A Mathematical Modeling Approach to Investigate Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) 02/23/2018
Vu Tran Thesis defense practice talk 02/19/2018
Pelin S Bulutoglu Theoretical Quest to Crystal Polymorphs 02/09/2018
Lina Aboulmouna A tale of two models: Modeling lipid metabolism in mammalian systems 02/02/2018
Akancha Pandey An App for Sickle Cell Disease 01/26/2018
Parul Verma Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy 12/01/2017
Vu Tran   11/10/2017
Akancha Pandey, Lina Aboulmouna AICHE Talks 10/26/2017
Lina Aboulmouna   10/13/2017
Akancha Pandey   09/29/2017
Parul Verma Vincristine Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Pathways 09/22/2017
Vu Tran   09/15/2017
Lina Aboulmouna Modeling Lipid Metabolism: An optimization bottleneck 09/01/2017
Akancha Pandey Multiscale modeling of hydroxyurea based treatment of sickle cell disease 08/25/2017
Parul Verma Biomarkers of Vincristine Induced Neuropathy 07/21/2017
Raja Hemanth Inflammation and Lipid Modeling 07/07/2017
KS Reshma Optimization of Vincristine Infusion Time 06/29/2017
Reshma and Raja Summer intern project progress 06/15/2017
Lina Aboulmouna Decomposing the Mouse Macrophage Lipidome 06/09/2017
Alan Min   06/02/2017
Raja Hemanth Modeling cell metabolism using systems biology approaches 05/26/2017
KS Reshma Optimization of Vincristine Chemotherapy 05/19/2017
Parul Verma Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy 05/12/2017
Akancha Pandey Logic Based Models for Cell Signaling Networks 04/28/2017
Vu Tran   04/07/2017
Conor Parks A Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Polymorph Prediction, Selection, and Control. Towards Application to Crystallization. 03/31/2017
Lina Aboulmouna An integrated Model of Eicosanoid Metabolism and Signaling Based on Lipidomics Flux Analysis 03/10/2017
Parul Verma Towards personalized cancer chemotherapy: toxicity versus efficacy 02/23/2017
Conor Parks Research status overview: paracetamol prediction and control 02/10/2017
Akancha Pandey   01/27/2017
Vu Tran   01/20/2017
Yuqi Fang, Alan Min Undergraduate Research Projects 01/11/2017
Parul Verma Vincristine Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 12/02/2016
Conor Parks Solid state form prediction, selection, and control, using molecular dynamics 11/11/2016
Conor, Vu, Akancha AiCHE Talks 11/04/2016
Lina Aboulmouna Gene Co-expression Networks and Gene Connectivity 10/28/2016
Akancha Pandey   10/21/2016
Vu Tran   10/14/2016
Conor Parks Extending the landscape of possible crystal structures through electric field controlled crystallization. A Molecular Dynamics Study 10/07/2016
Parul Verma Prediction of Vincristine Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 09/30/2016
Lina Aboulmouna Linking genetic information to biological function: Is biology goal driven 09/16/2016
Akancha Pandey Modeling Approach to Hydroxyurea Based Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease 09/02/2016
Nihaar Shah   08/26/2016
Vu Tran   08/11/2016
Parul Verma Cancer drug resistance 08/05/2016
Alan Min DNA methylation and CpG islands 07/29/2016
Rohan Kumar Devising Chemotherapeutic treatment regimen for Vincristine 07/15/2016
Alan Min DNA Methylation Assays 07/08/2016
Lina Aboulmouna Decomposing Pathways from Whole Models to Single Cells 07/01/2016
Prof. K. D. P. Nigam Visitor talk: Coiled Flow Inverter: A Novel Device 06/24/2016
Conor Parks Nanocrystal dissolution kinetics from molecular dynamics: a case study of alpha and beta glycine 06/17/2016
Akancha Pandey Population balance modeling of hydroxyurea pharmacodynamics 06/10/2016
Parul Verma Model building and validation 05/27/2016
Rohan Kumar Predicting Vincristine Neuropathy 05/19/2016
Vu Tran A method to avoid the average calculation from sample paths 05/13/2016
Conor Parks Nanocrystal dissolution kinetics and solubility increase from molecular dynamics – the case of alpha and beta glycine 05/06/2016
Frank DeVilbiss Improved parameter fitting procedure for specifying kinetic uptake rates in cybernetic models 04/29/2016
Akancha Pandey PK-PD Modeling to determine the maximum tolerated dose of Hydroxyurea 04/15/2016
Parul Verma Role of lipids in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Progression 04/08/2016
Frank DeVilbiss Is Metabolism Goal-Directed? Investigating the Validity of Modeling Biological Systems with Cybernetic Control via Omic Data 04/01/2016
Vu Tran   03/25/2016
Conor Parks A Molecular Dynamics Study of Glycine Polymorphism 03/11/2016
Alan Min DNA Methylation 03/04/2016
Akancha Pandey Personalized Sickle Cell Kinetic Model 02/26/2016
Parul Verma Cancer drug therapy modeling 02/19/2016
Frank DeVilbiss Deductive Determination of Cybernetic Objective Functions 02/12/2016
Vu Tran Dynamics of cell induction in E. faecalis biofilms 02/05/2016
Conor Parks A Tale of Two Length Scales: Glycine Nano Crystal Dissolution and Nucleation Kinetics via Molecular Dynamics 01/29/2016
Akancha Pandey Hydroxyurea for SCD treatment and biofluid sampling for research and diagnostics 12/11/2015
Parul Verma Metabolomics and Personalized Medicine 12/04/2015
Frank, Conor, Vu AIChE talks 11/05/2015
Nathan and Alan Undergraduate Projects 10/30/2015
Frank DeVilbiss The Cybernetic Approach: From Single to Multi-cellular Organisms 10/16/2015
Vu Tran Simulation methods for stochastic chemical/biological systems 10/09/2015
Parul Verma Pharmacometabonomics approach for early prediction of neuropathy 10/02/2015
Akancha Pandey Sensitivity analysis to the rescue of network based pharmacodynamics model 09/18/2015
Parul Verma Recent studies on vincristine induced neuropathy 09/11/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Goal-Directed Approach to Modeling Inflammation: Prediction of Gene Expression in Lipid Networks Perturbed by LPS and Statins 09/04/2015
Akancha Pandey Hydroxyurea Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Modeling 08/14/2015
Parul Verma Lipid – Fatty Liver Disease Correlation 08/07/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Influence of Statin Drugs on Prostaglandin Production 07/23/2015
Vu Tran   06/26/2015
Conor Parks   06/19/2015
Akancha Pandey Signaling and Kinetics of Sickle Red Blood Cells 06/12/2015
Parul Verma Statistical Models: Linear and Non Linear 06/05/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Prediction of Gene Expression Using Cybernetic Models in Glucose-Acetate Systems 05/22/2015
Aravinda Mandli Cybernetic models: Growth rate composition formulae and modeling heterologous gene expression 05/15/2015
Vu Tran   05/08/2015
Conor Parks Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics 04/24/2015
Akancha Pandey Use of signaling molecules as therapeutic targets in Sickle cell disease (SCD) 04/10/2015
Parul Verma Analysis of lipidomics data for fatty liver disease 04/03/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Back to the Basics: The Diauxie, Cybernetics, and Gene Expression 03/27/2015
Aravinda Mandli Towards modeling heterologous gene expression in E. coli using L_HCM 03/20/2015
Vu Tran Presentation on Cellular Automata Modeling 03/13/2015
Conor Parks Polymorphic Control: from Molecular Modeling to Design 03/06/2015
Akancha Pandey Study of Sickle Cell Disease and personalization of hydroxyurea treatment 02/27/2015
Parul Verma Vincristine induced peripheral neuropathy in ALL patients – An overview 02/13/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Deductive Determination of Objective Functions for Cybernetic Models of Metabolism 02/06/2015
Aravinda Mandli An extended Alternate Integer Linear Program for the determination of elementary modes 01/30/2015
Vu Tran Modeling Antibiotic Resistance 01/23/2015
Conor Parks Research Status and Pattern Recognition Algorithms 01/16/2015
Frank DeVilbiss Direct from Data Approach for Predicting Gene Expression from Dynamic Metabolite Data 12/05/2014
Aravinda Mandli Auxiliary substrates and resource pools 11/21/2014
Conor Parks AIChE Talk Rehearsal 11/14/2014
Vu Tran AIChE Talk Rehearsal 11/07/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Preliminary Exam Rehearsal 10/24/2014
Aravinda Mandli On the resource pools of cybernetic models 10/17/2014
Vu Tran Modeling of Antibiotic Resistance 10/10/2014
Conor Parks Confinement Crystallization – a Bottom Up Approach 09/19/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Sphingolipid Metabolism: Biological Functions and Dynamic Modeling 09/12/2014
Aravinda Mandli Cybernetic Modeling: Overview and Possible Future Directions 09/05/2014
Vu Tran Monte Carlo Algorithm Development 08/29/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Predicting Complex Trends in Gene Expression Using Metabolite Data During Inflammation – A Cybernetic Approach 08/15/2014
Aravinda Mandli An Application of Cybernetic Principles to the Modeling and Optimization of Bioreactors 08/01/2014
Undergraduate Collaborators Undergraduate Summer Research Summary 07/25/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Goal-Directedness in Biological Systems 07/11/2014
Vu Tran Tau-leap Methods: Simultaneous Simulation Vs. Sequential 06/27/2014
Conor Parks Polymorph Prediction: A Kinetic Approach 06/20/2014
Frank DeVilbiss On Modeling Biologial Systems: The Quest for Goal-Directedness 06/06/2014
Vu Tran Project Background Presentation 05/30/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Possible Metabolic Objective Functions Controlling the Behavior of Hepatocytes 05/16/2014
Jayachandran Devaraj Modeling for Personalized Treatment: The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle 05/09/2014
Jiawei Du Investigating Fluxes of Ethanol Producing Microbes 05/02/2014
Conor Parks High Performance Supercomputing in the Age of the GPU 04/25/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Qualitative Prediction of Gene Expression Data Using Cybernetic Variables 04/18/2014
Jayachandran Devaraj Thesis Defense Rehearsal 04/11/2014
Vu Tran Modeling the Treatment of Bladder Cancer 04/04/2014
Shekar Viswanath Modeling Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Development 03/28/2014
Conor Parks An Introduction to Molecular Simulations 03/21/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Cybernetic Modeling of the Inflammatory Response in RAW 264.7 Macrophage Cells 03/14/2014
Jayachandran Devaraj A Novel Biomarker for Chemotherapy Treatment 03/07/2014
Vu Tran Post-leap Checks in tau-leaping 02/28/2014
Conor Parks Quantitative Prediction of Nucleation Rate 02/21/2014
Dr. Vilas Pol Autogeneic Reactions for Material Synthesis 02/14/2014
Frank DeVilbiss Analysis of Time Series Gene Expression Data 02/07/2014
Jayachandran Devaraj Identifying Biomarkers for Vincristine Toxicity 01/31/2014
Vu Tran A New Way of Selecting tau-leap for Systems of Several Chemical Reactions 01/24/2014
Conor Parks A Review of Monte Carlo History, Theory, and Application 01/17/2014