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Graduate Students

Name Degree   Date of graduation Present position Research topic
Parul VermaPh. D.March 2020Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Radiology, UCSFTowards Understanding Neuropathy from Cancer Chemotherapy and Pathophysiology of Pain Sensation: An Engineering Approach
Vu Tran Ph.D. February 2018 Northrop Grumman Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance in Enterococcus faecalis. Modeling and Computational Study
Conor Parks Ph.D. May 2017 Post Doctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Solid State Form Prediction, Selection, and Control: Towards Application to Crystallization
Frank DeVilbiss Ph.D. May 2016 USAA Is metabolism goal-directed? Investigating the validity of modeling biological systems with cybernetic control via omic data
Jayachandran Devaraj Ph.D May 2014 Dow Chemical Company On an Expanded Framework for Personalized Cancer Treatment: Beyond Pharmacogenomics
Meenesh Singh Ph.D April 2013 University of Illinois, Chicago Towards the Control of Crystal Shape and Morphology Distribution in Crystallizers
Che-Chi Shu Ph.D August 2012 Taipei Institute of Technology Modeling Signal Transduction Process in Cell Population Application to Transfer of Drug Resistance
Jin Il Kim Ph.D August 2007 Kuwait Oil Company A Hybrid Model of Anaerobic E.Coli: Cybernetic Approach and Elementary Mode Analysis
Eric A. Sherer Ph.D December 2006 Louisiana Tech University Age-Structured Cell Models in the Treatment of Leukemia
Jamey Young Ph.D August 2005 Vanderbilt University A System-Level Mathematical Description of Metabolic Regulation Combining Aspects of Elementary Mode Analysis With Cybernetic Control Laws
Qiang Qin Ph. D July 2005 Datang Powergen To Improve Performance of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis, Model Studies on Catalysts, Reactors and Processes.
Pankaj Doshi Ph.D May 2003 Pfizer, New London Deformation and Break-up of Liquid-Liquid Threads, Jets and Drops
Abhijit Namjoshi Ph.D May 2003 Dow Chemical Company A Mathematical Investigation of the Consequences of Metabolic Regulation in Complex Pathways: The Cybernetic Approach
Tanmay Lele Ph.D. December 2002 University of Florida Pattern Formation on Catalyst Surface
Jon Shepler M. S. May 2002 Dupont Experimental Measurements of Cancer Cell Death Kinetics
Alan Mahoney Ph.D. May 2001 Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg, Germany Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Precipitation Processes
Aaron Cote Ph.D. August 2000 Merck, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Spatially Patterned Catalytic Reactors
Ted Pirog M.S. May 1995 Exxon, Houston, Texas Qualitative Study of Coalescence in Food Emulsions
Ted Pirog Ph.D. April 1998   Dynamics of Destabilization of Food Emulsions. Measurement and Simulation of Gravity Driven Particle Velocities in Polydisperse Dispersions
John Schell M.S. December 1992 University of Texas On self-similarity of microbial populations.
Michael Hogan M.S. 1996   Bioremediation of Naval Shipboard Effluent
S. Krishnaswami Ph.D. 1997    
Jeff Varner M.S. May 1995 Genencor Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of Phenanthrene Degradation
Jeff Varner Ph.D. 1997 Cornell University Metabolic Engineering from a Cybernetic Perspective. A Conceptual Framework
Ramprasad Ramakrishna Ph.D. May 1996 Physiome Cybernetic Modeling of Microbial Growth on Substitutable Substrates, Applications in Bioremediation
Sinh Trinh Ph.D. 1996 Conoco, Inc. Ponca City, Oklahoma  
Atul Narang Ph.D. December 1994 University of Florida The Dynamics of Microbial Growth on Mixtures of Substrates
Ken E. Yasuda M.S. June 1994   The Manipulation of Selectivity of Reaction in Liquid-Liquid Systems by Control of the Dispersion Process
Arun N. Sathyagal Ph.D. December 1994 Graco Industries, Minneapolis, Minnesota Self-Similarity in Drop Break-up Phenomena in Liquid-Liquid Dispersions. Identification of Break-up Functions by Inverse Problem Approach.
Thomas Tobin M.S. May 1989 International Paper, Mobile, Alabama Experimental Measurement of Drop Coalescence Frequencies in Turbulent Liquid-Liquid Dispersions
  Ph.D. December 1992   Measurement and Modelling of Drop Charge Effects on Coalescence in Agitated Liquid-Liquid Dispersions
Harold A. Wright Ph.D. 1991 Conoco, Inc. Ponca City, Oklahoma Inverse Problems in Agglomeration
Jeff Straight Ph.D. 1991 International Paper, Mobile, Alabama Microbial Growth in Continuous Cultures Subject to Single and Multiple Limitations Involving Carbon and/or Nitrogen
Pedro Arce M.S. 1987 Florida A&M University  -Florida State University  
  Ph.D. 1990    
M.L. Alexander Ph.D. 1990 Operational Technologies Corp., San Antonio, Texas  
S. Baloo Ph.D. 1990 BP Amoco  
Ramachandran Muralidhar M.S. 1985 Motorolla An inverse problem of agglomeration kinetics
  Ph.D. 1988    
Brian G. Turner M.S. 1982 Biotech Industry Analysis of multicomponent diffusion and complex chemical reactions in isothermal tubular reactors.
  Ph.D. 1986    
Dhinakar S. Kompala M.S. 1982 University of Colorado at Boulder Cybernetic modeling of microbial growth on multiple substrates.
  Ph.D 1984   Bacterial growth on multiple substrates: experimental verification of cybernetic models.
Pramod Agrawal M.S. 1980   Theoretical Investigations of Dynamic Behavior of Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Biological Reactors
  Ph.D 1983   Characterization of the growth dynamics and development of a mechanistic model of a methanol-utilizing bacterium
Satish J. Parulekar Ph.D. 1983 Illinois Institute of Technology Analysis of axially dispersed systems with general boundary conditions
Gregory M. Nejfelt M.S. 1982   Steady state dropsize distributions in continuous flow mixing vessels for lean liquid-liquid dispersions
Prasad S. Dhurjati Ph.D. 1982 University of Delaware Cybernetic modeling of the growth of microorganisms in multiple substrate environments.
Kendree J. Sampson Ph.D. 1981 Ohio University An investigation of particle size correlations and the effect of limiting mixing and Brownian coagulation
Eleftherios T. Papoutsakis Ph.D. 1979 Northwestern University The solution of boundary value problems in diffusive heat and mass transfer with convection: functional analytic methods
Ganesan Narsimhan     Purdue University  
R.K. Bajpai Ph.D. 1976 University of Missouri  
B.H. Shah Ph.D. 1974 Xerox  
S. Raghavan M.S. 1972    
M. Sheth M.S. 1974 ICI, India  
N.J. Rao Ph.D. 1972 Centre for Electronics Design and Technology Power Electronics Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560 012, India
P.N. Singh M.S.   Ph.D. 1972 – 1974    
M.C. Misra M.S. 1972 Central Food Technological Research Institute  
S.L. Gandhi M.S. 1969 Kelloggs  
G. Subramaniam M.S. 1969 Exxon  

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Duration of visit Current Position Research Topic
G. Narsimhan  1980-1982 Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering; Purdue University  
Parichay K. Das  1985-1987 Scientist. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology  
R. Muralidhar  1987-1990    
Ramprasad Ramakrishna  1996 (4 months)    
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta 1993-1996 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  
Hyun-Seob Song 2000-2001   Nonlinear Analysis of Fischer-Tropsch Slurry Bubble Column Reactor Models
Nandkishore Nere 2003-2008 Abbott Laboratories Modeling of Milling
Jayanta Chakraborty 2008-2010 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Modeling of Milling and Crystal Morphology Distribution
Hyun-Seob Song 2007-2012 BHSAI, MD Dynamic Metabolic Modeling based on the Cybernetic Approach
Pathway Analysis of Genome-scale Metabolic Networks