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Since system-of-systems is an emerging field of study addressing existing and new generation of complex challenges,there is a variety of methods for advancing the study of SoS. One of the primary activities for achieving progress in SoS research is to build a community among industry, universities, and government agencies.

Corporate Interest
and Collaboration

System-of-systems has many applications in industries such as the defense, aerospace, public construction, emergency response, healthcare, internet, and many others. Several companies and agencies have expressed interest and sponsoring Purdue's SoS efforts. Furthermore, we are always looking for industry partners to collaborate on SoS development and applications. If you are interested in possible partnerships or SoS applications, we would be glad to hear from you; contact Dr. DeLaurentis or one of the members of his graduate team.

Faculty Interest
and Collaboration

System-of-systems problems are inherently inter-disciplinary by nature. As we also always looking for new faculty from different departments and university's to join the SoS community, if you would like to contribute and/or collaborate on research in SoS domain, share your SoS literature and knowledge, or learn more about SoS, please feel free to contact us.

As part of the System-of-Systems Signature Area and Aerospace Systems research and course program in the College of Engineering at Purdue, opportunities may also exist for new faculty positions.


Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the study and applications of System-of-Systems is continuously expanding. We are always looking for students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, willing to learn, and interested in System-of-Systems and its applications. Opportunities exist to gain real-world experience that will form a new way of thinking that will make the students highly desirable in today's complex market place. If you are interested in learning more about SoS research and applications, please visit the SoSL and Projects sections. If you are interested in joining Dr. DeLaurentis team, please contact him directly or one of his current research assistants. For more information on applying to Purdue and for School of Aeronautics & Astronautics guidelines for graduate admissions, please visit: Purdue Grad School webpage and School of Aero/Astro webpage.

Some external funding opportunities for graduate students can be found at Purdue's Graduate School Funding webpage, or through NSF, NASA GSRP, and/or INSGC. Student's are highly encouraged to apply for external funding opportunities. Additional opportunities for Purdue Aeronautics & Astronautics departmental fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships exist, but are limited.

Funding opportunities for undergraduate research may exist in the individual research projects or through undergraduate research fellowships such as Purdue's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF).

System-of-Systems research is a part of the Aerospace Systems area within the School of Aeronautics & Astronautics. Some of the key courses which support this core area are:

  • AAE 550 - Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
  • AAE 551 - Design Theory and Methods for Aerospace Systems
  • AAE 560 - System-of-Systems Modeling and Analysis
  • AAE 590X - Safety and Risk Analysis for Complex Systems

Based on the individual needs, students may also enroll in one or more of the following AAE graduate courses, listed here.

A sample of courses in other departments that have been taken by students include, but are not limited to: BME 695S; CE 561, 566, 594, 596, 614, 615; ECE 602; IE 535, 536, 537, 538, 545, 590D; ME 561, 571, 581; STAT 511, 512, 514.


Several of my students have created and contributed to articles on System-of-Systems and System-of-Systems Engineering. Interested parties are encouraged to view these articles and contribute to the development of these articles.


The following conferences, typically held annually, have major or partial focus on System-of-Systems methods or applications, and several papers from our group are annually submitted and accepted:

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