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Ongoing Projects

Investigating Approaches to Achieve Modularity Benefits in the Acquisition Ecosystem
Sponsor: Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), DoD UARC

Synopsis: The objective is to develop methods, processes and tools (MPTs) to support activities related to SoS architectural evolutions. A concept of MOSA ecosystem is defined to determine utility and to explore different relationships, constructs, factors, metrics, etc. that support quantitative assessment on benefits of modularity. The ecosystem should further explore design patterns and characteristics that enable modularity.



Aircraft Technology Modeling and Assessment
Sponsor: FAA ASCENT Center of Excellence

Synopsis: The project is focused on developing a model that measures fleet-wide environmental impact from new aircraft concepts and technologies under various carbon policy scenarios, based on an approach that mimics airline behavior. Fleet-level Environmental Evaluation Tool (FLEET) considers uses a "system dynamics-like" approach to allow demand, fleet size/composition, and fares to evolve over time while considering scenarios with varying technological, policy, & economic factors/

System Dynamics Approach


Characterizing Mission and System Architecture via Analysis of Operational and Developmental Interdependencies
Sponsor: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Synopsis: The objective is to analyze and compare architectures for the human exploration of Mars based on analysis of the impact of interdependencies. The approach involves identifying items in human Mars exploration architectures and modeling and analyzing them using SODA, SDDA, and RPO.

EDL operational dependencies


Development of Model-Based Engineering (MBE) processes
Sponsor: Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, Inc. / NSWC Crane

Synopsis: The objective is to generate repeatable process for block upgrades among a distributed set of players towards integrated M&S for model-based testing and V&V. We use machine learning and optimization based approaches to implement reverse engineering phase of 'Diamond Model' process.

Diamond Model


Powering What's Next in Freight Transportation
Principal-investigator: Dr. Neera Jain
Co-investigators: Dr. Daniel DeLaurentis, Dr. Greg Shaver
Sponsor: Cummins Inc.

Synopsis:The objective of this project is to imagine the future of freight transportation and identify potential opportunities to power such a future. The project considers intermodal freight transportation and considers the potential for connected and collaborative forms of technologies to be introduced in future transportation concepts. We utilize a system-of-systems driven framework to envision and ultimately identify potentially viable opportunities towards improved outcomes for freight transportation.

Freight Transportation SoS


Lockheed Martin Company (LMC) Integrated Air and Missile Defense Modeling Collaboration
Sponsor: Lockheed Martin

Synopsis: The objective is to develop a flexible, scalable model to optimize IAMD architectures. IAMDs are integration of all sensors and weapons with a missile command in a missile theater. We also aim to identify optimal configuration of COTS/near-COTS systems for a representative, medium-range IAMD scenario. This is achieved by creating medium-fidelity models for constituent systems in DAF and characterizing the design and performance space, and developing metrics to identify the high-performing architectures.