Multi-Gate FETs


Multi-gate field effect transistors (MuGFET) are field effect transistors with multiple gates. For example, double-gate, tri-gate, or gate-all-around structures are typical MuGFET structures. They are often called FinFET due to their fin-like structure. These structures have been suggested to the scientific community to overcome the limitation of the conventional single gate MOSFET, namely, the short channel effects (SCE). Since the superior electrostatic control on the channel can be achieved by introducing more than one gate, MuGFET is a strong candidate to replace the conventional MOSFET. Our group's research focus is on development of device simulators, characterization and optimization of the MuGFET structure, effects of disorder on transport properties of MuGFET, and exploration of various materials such as Silicon/Germanium or III-V materials.


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