Spin-Orbit Stark Effect in Donors


  • Study Stark Shift of the g-factor for an isolated donor w.r.t. expt in Si and Ge.
  • g-factor shift for interface-donor system.
  • Probes spin-orbit effects with electric fields and symmetry change.
  • Effect of relative orientations of B and E field.


  • The 20 band nearest neighbor sp3d5s* spin model captures SO interaction of the host.
  • Same atom p orbital energy between spin orbitals.
  • g-factor obtained from orbital and spin angular momentum operators.
  • Donor wfs with E-field are obtained from NEMO

Results / Impact:

  • Quadratic Stark coefficient from TB agrees with measured value in magnitude.
  • Relative E and B orientations seem to affect g-factor shift. Linear effect for shallow donors.
  • Understanding of the B field dynamics of the donor electron.

Group member involved: