Mapping Donor Wavefunctions


  • Experimental probe of donor wave functions needed.
  • Characterize wf distortions by electric fields and interfaces.
  • Directly & Indirectly probe wfs by measuring hyperfine tensor components.


  • Donor electron spin & Si-29 nuclear spin – AHF.
  • Past expts done for donor ensembles in bulk at zero fields.
  • Classification based on symmetries of lattice points and AHF tensor components.
  • Use tight binding wfs of donors to investigate feasibility of experimentally probing distorted wfs.


  • Data analysis for field and interface distortions - perturbations change the shells and classes lattice points belong to.
  • Detecting the deformed donor WF at sub-Bohr radius level is possible.
  • Proposed ENDOR expts to directly measure the gate induced Stark shift of the donor WF

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