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Past News

News from 2014<Top>

Spring 2014

> We would like to welcome our newest member, Nina Omani, as a new post-doc in our group!
> Congratulations to Cibin for winning the best student/post-doc of the year award at the 2014 International SWAT Conference!
> Becca just returned from a research trip to the Qinghai Province of China to learn about thier grassland management practices!
> Congratualtions to Becca for receiving the D. Woods Thomas International Travel Grant from the College of Agriculture!
> Congratulations to Mandy & Becca for receiving the Andrews-Blosser Environmental Travel Grant!
> Cibin recently helped co-author a grant that was funded by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council. Way to go, Cibin!
> Congratulations to Becca for being selected for the ABE Outstanding Service Award!
> Congratulations to Mandy for receiving the Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Grant!

News from 2013 <Top>

Fall 2013

> Congratulations to Qingyu Feng for successfully defending his M.S.!
> Congratulations to Dr. Chaubey for earning the position of Department Head of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue!

Summer 2013

> Congratulations Margaret and Cibin! They were both awarded their Ph.D.'s at the August 2013 Purdue Graduation Ceremonies!
> Congratulations Cibin! Cibin was awarded the ABE Outstanding Ph.D. student of the year!
> Check out group members at the 2013 ABE banquet!

Spring 2013

> Congratulations to Cibin for successfully defending his Ph.D.!
> Congratulations to Becca for passing her preliminary exams!
> Congratulations to Margaret for winning first place at the poster session of the 2013 AWRA Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality conference!

News from 2012 <Top>

Fall 2012

> Congratulations to Laurent for successfully defending his Ph.D. Dissertation!
> Congratulations to Margaret Kalcic for winning first place in the ESE poster competition!
> Rebecca Logsdon recently recieved a PGSG Travel Grant!
> Elizabeth Trybula successfully defended her M.S. Thesis!

Spring 2012

> Congratulations to Dr. Chaubey for being selected to recieve the 2012 Purdue University Agricultural Research Award
> Dr. Chaubey was recently elected to the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineer's Nominating Committee
> Rebecca Logsdon was selected as to recieve the 2012 Emily M. Wadsworth Graduate Mentoring Award from Purdue Women in Engineering

News from 2011 <Top>

May 2011

> Congratulations to Dr. Chaubey who was recently named a 2011 Ag University Faculty Scholar
> Congratulations to Laurent who was named a Magoon Award Honoree!
> Group members Lindsay and Becca were recently featured as students who are "Policy Makers"

April 2011

>Congratulations to group members Becca, Margaret & Elizabeth for receiving an NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grant for their proposed project of "Engaging Farmers to Improve Communication and Model Representation in Agricultural Ecosystem Services"!

February 2011

>The Ecohydrology group would like to welcome two new members: PhD student Qingyu Feng and Post-Doctoral candidate Young Gu Her!
> Congratulations to Ecohydrology Group member Rebecca Logsdon for being chosen as this year's recipient of the ASABE Robert E. Stewart Engineering-Humanties Award.

News from 2010 <Top>

December 2010

>Congratulations to Chetan for successfully defending his Ph.D. and graduating!
>Congratulations to Laurent for successfully passing his pre-lims!

September 2010
>Purdue team led by Dr. Chaubey was recently awarded a $1.6 million dollar Department of Energy grant to conduct research on biofuel crops. See the press release here.

August 2010
>The Ecohydrology Group would like to congratulate Andrew Furrow! Andrew has been working with the Ecohydrology Group all summer as part of the Purdue SURF program. HIs project was entitled, "Evaluation and Trend Analysis of Ecosystem Services in Wildcat Creek Watershed." He presented his poster at the SURF Symposium on August 3rd. See photo of Andrew & his grad mentor Becca at the SURF Symposium here.

July 2010
>Congratulations to LiChi! She successfully defend her PhD research last week, and is now Dr. LiChi Chiang! Her thesis defense announcement can be seen here.

June 2010
>Many members of the Ecohydrology Group attended the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineer's Annual International Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on June 19-June 23, 2010. Their names and presentation titles are listed below!

  • Acushla: "Web-Based Decision Support Tool to Forecast Nutrient Losses from Agricultural Watersheds" (A. Antony, B. Engel, I. Chaubey)
  • Lindsay: "Evaluation of Watershed Mangaement Outcomes Using Empirical Models and Comparison to Project Implementation Goals" (L. Birt, J. Frankenberger, I. Chaubey, & B. Engel)
  • LiChi (presented by Dr. Chaubey): "Hindcasting of Sediment and Nutrient Losses from a Dynamic Land Use Watershed" (L. Chiang, I. Chaubey)
  • Rebecca: "Development of a Methodology to Quantify Ecosystem Services Using Landscape Models" (R. Logsdon, C. Raj, C. Maringanti, I. Chaubey, & B. Gramig)
  • Mark: "Environmental Effects of Harvesting Agricultural Residues for Second-Generation Biofuels" (M.A. Thomas, B.A. Engel, I. Chaubey)
  • Elizabeth: "Impact of Optimized Model Outputs on Stakeholder Decisions about Agricultural BMPs" (E. Trybula, J. Frankenberger, I. Chaubey, M. Arabi, M. Ahmadi, C. Maringanti)

>Congratulations go out to Margaret! She married her fiance Andy on June 19!

>Congratulations to Chetan & Claire who got married on June 5th!

>The Ecohydrology Group would like to welcome Andrew Furrow!. Andrew will be working with the Ecohydrology Group this summer as part of the Purdue SURF program.

May 2010
>The Ecohydrology Group is pleased to announce that Lindsay was part of an interdisciplenary team of graduate students that received the 2010-2011 EPA-People, Planet, and Prosperity Phase I $10,000 grant for their proposal to 'Promote and Adopt Low Impact Development in Local Communities'. The team will collaborate with the undergraduate EPICS class to educate local residents about Low Impact Development (LID) Best Mangaement Practices (BMPs) and to provide rain barrels to the residents that have been identified to live in a critical subwatershed in West Lafayette, IN, to be determined using Geographic Information System analyses. Team members include Lindsay Birt (ABE), Yan Chen (ABE), Heather Gall (CIVIL), Magda Galloza (CIVIL), Amelie Davis (Post Doc at Furman University) and Dr. Bernie Engel (Advisor).

>Congratulations go to Margaret who sucessfully defended and passed her M.S. thesis on Monday, May 24. Great job Margaret! The news release for Margaret's defense can be found here.

>The Ecohydrology Group would also like to announce that Lindsay was part of an interdisciplinary team that received the EPA-P3 Honorable Mention award (2009-2010) for their research on the 'Reduction of Water Consumption and Pollution in the Corn Masa Production Process'. The students were testing the quality of masa, an important food in Latin America, after having incorporated recycled water from its production process. The team was comprised of Kyle Probst, Lindsay Birt, Jayne Piepenburg, Majdi Abou-Najm and Dr. Martin Okos.

April 2010
>The Ecohydrology group is pleased to announce that Elizabeth has recived two travel grants to support her research: The Russel O. Blosser Environmental Travel Grant ($1,500) and the D. Wood Thomas International Travel Grant ($1,000).

>Congratulations to Chetan and Becca. They each received the Fredick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant to support them in presenting their research at conferences ($1,500 each).

>The Purdue Ecohydrology Research Group is pleased to anounce that Laurent has been selected by the NSF Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) for the 2010 East Asian and Pacific Summer Institute (EAPSI) Program for Korea. Laurent will spend 8 weeks at Kangwon National University working with a professor and his students in the Dept. of Ag. Engineering.

>Congratulations to Mark who recently had a paper entitled "Biofuels and Water Quality: Challenges and Opportunities for Simulation Modeling" accepted to the Future Science Group: Biofuels journal.

>Becca was recentley elected as the Secretary of the Purdue Graduate Student Government for the 2010-2011 school year! See this story in the Purdue school newspaper, The Exponent.

>Congratulations to Margaret! She was recently awarded an Honorable Mention for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

>Congratulations to Becca! She was chosen as a new member of the 2010 Women in Engineering Graduate Mentor Program Leadership Team at Purdue.

March 2010
>Conratulations to Laurent for receiving a $10,000 grant to help with a project he is working on to build a large diameter community well at Agrippa Todji in Togo (West Africa). The grant was recieved through the Hydrologists Helping Others (H2O) Project at Purdue which encourages the invovlement of Purdue students in water related projects in distressed areas. Laurent and three ABE undergraduates will travel to Togo this summer to visit the site.

>Congratulations to Chetan who was recently given the "Distinguised Professional Contribution" award for his poster that was presented at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association's 42nd Annual Meeting February 6-9, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. The title of his poster was "Selection and Placement of Best Management Practices Used to Reduce Total Phosphorus Runoff in the Lincoln Lake Watershed in Northwest Arkansas."

February 2010
>Congratulations to Chetan! A paper Chetan recently helped co-author was published in Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. The title of the paper is, "Best management practices for corporate, academic and governmental transfer of sustainable technologies to developing countries."

January 2010
>Laurent recently returned from the 3rd Annual International Conference on Current & Future State of Water Resources and Environment at IIT Madras in Chennai, India that was held January 5-7, 2010 (http://content.asce.org/conferences/india2010/index.html). His presentation was titled, "Nutrient Attenuation Under Natural Conditions in Tile-Fed Agricultural Drainage Ditches." Laurent also participated in a faculty-student forum while in attendance. This photo of Laurent was taken at the conference.

>The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) published an article highlighting the results of some of Dr. Chaubey's work with Dr. Bernard Engel (ABE) entitled, "Study Shows More Corn for Biofuels Would Hurt Water" in their member's publication, Resource

News from 2009 <Top>

December 2009
>An article titled, "Water, Water Everywhere?" was published highlighting Dr. Chaubey's and his graduate students' work on watershed modeling using the TeraGrid computer at Purdue. For more information on the TeraGrid computer network visit www.teragrid.org.

>Congratulations to Margaret McCahon for placing 3rd in the Ecological Sciences & Engineering Symposium, West Lafayette, IN September 25th, 2009. The title of her poster was, "Targeting Sites for Constructed Wetlands to Remove Nitrate in an Agricultural Watershed." Authors on the project/poster were: Margaret McCahon, Jane Frankenberger, Eileen Kladivko, Indrajeet Chaubey.

November 2009
> Good luck to Li-Chi Chiang and Claire Simond in their new occupation! Li-Chi is going to do an internship with EPA in Las Vegas, NV, while Claire is returning to Switzerland to pursue a certificate program in geomatics at the University of Geneva.

August 2009
> Welcome to Rebecca Logsdon and Cibin Raj! Both will pursue their Ph.D. at Purdue. Rebecca finished her undergrad last spring from the University of Arkansas, and Cibin obtained his masters from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2008 and worked at Larsen and Tubro Ltd. in India for one year.

> Some of the group members attended the 5th International SWAT Conference (August 5-7, 2009)

July 2009
> Congratulations to Chetan Maringanti for successfully passing his Ph.D. prelims exam

June 2009
> Some of the group members attended the ASABE Annual Conference (June 21-24, 2009)

May 2009
> U.S. News & World Report has ranked the Purdue University Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering graduate progam as number 1

> Congratulations to Margaret McCahon for honorable mention in the NSF GRF program

> Congratulations to Laurent Ahiablame for successfully defending his master's thesis


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