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Research Projects

Current Projects <Top>
  1. Volenec, J., R. Turco, S. Brouder, I. Chaubey, et al. Sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy for Central USA. USDA-NIFA. $3,686,569. Part of a $25 million project funded through Iowa State University. 2011-2016.
  2. Buckmaster, D., A. Ault, I. Chaubey, B. Engel, J. Frankenberger, and J. Krogmeier. Mobile computing technologies to enable more efficient and in-field water management decisions.  USDA-NIFA. $395,000. 2011-2015.
  3. Bowling, L., I. Chaubey, J. Frankenberger, and R. Goforth. Demonstrating nitrogen treatment effectiveness through innovative bench wetland system. NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant. $217,778. 2011-2014.
  4. Chaubey, I., L. Bowling, S. Brouder, K. Cherkauer, B. Engel, J. Frankenberger, R. Goforth, B. Gramig, P. Murphy, and J. Volenec. Watershed Scale Optimization to Meet Sustainable Cellulosic Energy Crop Demand. DOE. $1,991,177. 2011-2014
  5. Chaubey, I., Rao S. Govindaraju, D. Niyogi, and C.X. Song.  Development of drought triggers of agricultural applications. USDA-NIFA. $492,797. 2011-2013.
  6. Frankenberger, J., I. Chaubey, and B. Engel. Adaptive management to increase adoption rates of emerging nutrient management and load reduction practices. NRC Conservation Innovation Grant. $118,357. 2010-2012.
  7. Chaubey, I., B. Engel., J. Frankenberger, and V. Merwade.  Cumulative impacts of BMP implementation in the Maumee River basin.  GLRI. $497,486. 2010-2013
  8. Cherkauer, K., I. Chaubey, and C. Troy.  Monitoring episodic river inflow plumes using in-situ and remote sensing data.  Indiana-Illinois Sea Grant Consortium.  $300,000. 2010-2012
  9. Engel, B., K. Cherkauer, and I. Chaubey.  Army Corps of Engineers 516(e): The Great Lakes Tributary Modeling Program.  USACE $205,000. 2010-2012.
  10. Tyner, W.E., S.M. Brouder, and I. ChaubeyIntegrated economic, environmental, and technical analysis of sustainable biomass energy systems.  USDA-NIFA. $174,966.  2010-2012.
  11. Chaubey, I., Engel, B., P. Murphy, and D. Saraswat.  Impact of biofeedstock production on hydrology/water quality in Midwest and Southeast USA.  USDA-CSREES.  $300,000.  2009-2012. Project Website. Project Fact Sheet
  12. Song, X.C., J. Carlson, R. S. Govindaraju, C. Hoffman, D. Niyogi, I. Chaubey, and L. Zhao.  INTEROP: Developing community-based drought information network protocols and tools for multidisciplinary regional scale applications (DRInet).  NSF 750,000. 2008-2011. Project Website
Completed Projects <Top>


  1. Chaubey, I., L. Bowling, K. Cherkauer, R. Goforth, R. Mohtar, S. Hoffman.  Preparing tomorrow’s leaders to tackle complex water quality problems through enhanced field experiment capabilities at Purdue.  Instructional Innovation Grant.  Purdue University.  $27,500. 2010-2011.
  2. Goforth, R.R., L. Prokopy, and I. Chaubey.  Promoting sustainability within the context of maximizing Indiana’s competitive advantage in agriculturally derived energy.  Purdue University, ARP – Mission Oriented Grant Program. $24,969. 2010-2012.
  3. Engel, B., M. Arabi, J. Frankenberger, I. Chaubey, and J. Lee. Multiobjective watershed management support system for spatial allocation of agricultural management practices. USDA-CSREES. 2007-2010. $550,000.


  1. Engel, B. and I. Chaubey.  Web-based load-duration curve for TMDL.  USGS.  2008-2009. $95,160.
  2. Engel, B., I. Chaubey, R. Farnsworth, and J.G. Hunter.  Web-based low impact development decision support and planning tool.  USGS. 2008-2010. $76,472.
  3. Engel, B., D. Dodenhammer, N. Devadasan, and I. Chaubey.  Development of water quality decision support tools using service oriented architecture (SOA) and web 2.0 development approach.  Intercampus Applied Research Program. 2008-2009. $50,000.



  1. Chaubey, I. and L. Bowling.  Quantification of sediment nutrient interactions as affected by drainage ditch management.  Indiana Water Resources Research Center.  2007-2008. $18,500. 
  2. Chaubey, I. and V. Merwade.  Ecohydrology: A new class and cyber-field trip module for DEEE students.  Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University.  2007. $6,000.


  1. Chaubey, I., M. Gitau, and P. Tacker.  Identification of NPS pollution sources and BMP evaluation in 11-digit HUCs in the L’Anguille River watershed.  Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.  $81,034.  2006-2008. 


  1. Chaubey, I., J.H. Popp, and B. Kurz.  Effectiveness and optimization of BMPs in improving water quality from an agricultural watershed.  USDA CSREES (CEAP).  2005 – 2008.  $650,000.
  2. Chaubey, I., S.G. Bajwa, and M.D. Matlock.  Environmental resource management to develop watershed technologies and management tools.  EPA, Region 6.  2005-2008.  $148,800.
  3. Chaubey, I. and M.D. Matlock.  Watershed Response Modeling in 11-digit Arkansas Priority Watersheds.  Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.  2005-2006.  $75,124.


  1. Chaubey, I., M.D. Matlock, and R.A. Morgan.  GIS database development and watershed modeling in the Arkansas priority watersheds.  Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  2004 – 2005.  $60,671.
  2. Chaubey, I., M.D. Matlock, and R.A. Morgan.  SWAT modeling in the Illinois River watershed.  Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  2004 – 2005.  $30,500.
  3. Matlock, M.D., I. Chaubey, and R.A. Morgan.  Update of Arkansas Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program.  Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  2004 – 2005.  $151,906.


  1. Chaubey, I., M.D. Matlock, E.D. Vories, and J. Popp.  Development of an integrated water quality – water conservation program in the Arkansas Delta.  USDA, National Integrated Water Quality Program.  2003 – 2006.  $550,000.
  2. Chaubey, I., M.D. Matlock, T.A. Costello, and B.E. Haggard.  Sustainable Agriculture and water resource in Arkansas: A bioenvironmental engineering solution.  EPA Region 6.  2003 – 2006.  $446,100.
  3. Chaubey, I., B.E. Haggard, and P. Srivastava.  Differentiating runoff contributing areas for effective water quality management.  USDA-NRI.  2003 – 2005.  $75,000.
  4. Chaubey, I., M.D. Matlock, T.A. Costello, and B.E. Haggard.  GIS database development and watershed modeling in Arkansas Priority Watersheds.  2003 – 2004.  Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  2003- 2004.  $85,184.
  5. Chaubey, I. and V. Garg.  Use of hyperspectral remote sensing in lake water quality modeling.  NASA/Arkansas Space Grant Consortium.  2003 – 2004.  $5,500.
  6. Bajwa, S.G., I. Chaubey, and D.R. Gardisser.  Pesticide pollution risk assessment and mitigation training in Arkansas Delta.  EPA Region 6.  2003- 2005.  $41,995.
  7. Chaubey, I., K. White, T.A. Costello, and B. Haggard..  Development of techniques for identifying and linking physical characteristics to surface runoff source areas.  USGS/AWRC.  2003-2004.  $14,838.


  1. Chaubey, I., B.E. Haggard, M. Matlock, C.V. Maxwell, and P.A. Moore, Jr.  Quantification of pathogen losses from swine manure treated fields under chemical and dietary modification conditions.   USDA/National Center for Manure and Animal Waste Management.  2002 – 2004.  $12,345.  Supplement to this grant. $22,842.
  2. Chaubey, I., M. Matlock, T.A. Costello, and B.E. Haggard.  Development of a Decision Support System and Data Needs for the Beaver Lake Watershed.  EPA/Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  2002 – 2005.  $269,973.
  3. Chaubey, I.  Differentiating Runoff Contributing Areas from Pastures for Phosphorus Management.  Research Incentive Grant.  D.B. College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences.  2002 – 2003.  $9,997.   
  4. Matlock, M. (P.I.), I. Chaubey, B.E. Haggard, D. Storm, M. Smolen, and W. Focht.  A Nutrient Management Decision Support System for the Eucha Basin.  Nutrient Science for the Improved Watershed Management Program, USDA/EPA.  2002 – 2005.  $686,000.
  5. Haggard, B.E. (P.I.), M. Matlock, I. Chaubey, and P.A. Moore, Jr.  Phosphorus Concentrations and Flux in Streams and Reservoirs:  Effect of Chemical Amendments on Sediment Phosphorus Flux and Implications for Watershed Management Strategies.  USGS/Arkansas Water Resources Center. 2002 – 2003.  $24,812.
  6. Dillahunty, W., I. Chaubey and M. Matlock.  Quantification of Dissolved Oxygen, Nutrients and Other Water Quality Parameters as Affected by Agricultural and Urban Land Use.  Undergraduate Research program. DBCAFLS.  $450.


  1. Chaubey, I., M.A. Nelson, T.A. Costello, and K. Teague, and K. VanDevender .  Optimizing BMPs, Water Quality and Sustained Agriculture in the Lincoln Lake Watershed.  EPA/Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission. 2001 – 2004.  $272,713.
  2. Chaubey, I., T.A. Costello, M.A. Nelson, and T.S. Soerens.  Critical evaluation of spatial and temporal data requirements for TMDL Development.  USGS/Arkansas Water Resources Center. 2001 – 2002.  $20,305.


  1. Bonzongo, J.J., E.E. Roden, H.C. Bryan, W.B. Lyons, I. Chaubey, and G.M. Ward.  Social impact  assessment of human exposure to mercury related to land use and physicochemical settings in the Alabama-Mobile river basin. 1998 – 2001.  NSF/EPA/USDA. $804,534.
  2. Chaubey, I., L. Han, and S.N. Addy.  Environmental and economic impact assessment of animal waste pollution potential using geographic information system.  School of Mining and Energy Development, University of Alabama. 1998 – 1999.  $22,457.

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